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Why is no one talking about this? ~ By Joseph Farah

The dirty, little secret Boehner and the entire Washington establishment don't want Americans to know is that he can – with one vote – enact the most sweeping cuts in federal spending in a century, by simply blocking an increase in the debt limit in the next 30 days.

If Boehner came out tomorrow in support of this position, the entire bloc of 241 House Republicans would stand behind him. They want him to do it. Most of them support this position right now. They want to say no. And this is the one thing Republicans can do this year that will have a dramatic, historic impact on policy – helping to return us right now to limited constitutional government once again.

It's simply the most important vote that will be cast in Congress in the next two years and, perhaps, the most important in the last century.

Joseph Farah explains how Congress and the President can be stopped from more unconstitutional spending. All they have to do is vote no to raising the national debt limit. That seems to make sense. What doesn't make sense is that the mainstream media has blacked out any news about the fact that more and more Republicans in the House of Representative are planning to vote no, and Speaker Boehner still doesn't support that position. This is the biggest opportunity in years for Republicans to "just say no" to more deficits and more debt!

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) should get on board, especially when knowing that is what most Americans would want him to do. And we need to keep up the pressure on Republicans in the House. It's time to remind them that the Tea Party Movement has not faded away, as Senator Harry Reid would like you to believe.

Why is no one talking about this?

By Joseph Farah

April 01, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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As a newsman, sometimes I just shake my head and wonder why everyone in the media are missing the biggest story of all.

No, I'm not talking about Barack Obama's apparent ineligibility. Donald Trump has actually managed to get that story on everyone's radar after three years of work by WND.

I'm talking about a political earthquake about to strike Washington.

No one besides WND has been counting heads among House Republicans on stopping what has been assumed to be an inevitable raise in the debt limit in the next few weeks.

Yet, every day, more House Republicans are of a mind to just say no.

This week, WND polled House Republicans again to learn there are 142 solid votes against it and only 20 in favor!

If just 218 of the 241 Republicans ultimately vote no on raising the debt limit past $14.3 trillion, the whole house of cards falls down for Barack Obama and the Democrats. Not only do they have to stop spending, they will be forced to start cutting – and I mean cutting a lot.

Say goodbye to Obamacare. Say goodbye to the Department of Education. Say goodbye to NPR and PBS funding. Say goodbye to Planned Parenthood subsidies. Say goodbye to hundreds of billions of unconstitutional spending. It all has to go. That's how important this one impending vote really is.

I've been doing my best to make this a national issue for the last eight weeks with the "No More Red Ink" campaign. And I want to thank all the people who have participated so far. You are on the verge of making history!

We have sent nearly 1 million red letters to the House Republicans urging them to realize the power they have in their hands and to use it.

We are on the verge of victory. Votes are changing. The trend is toward stopping all further borrowing. Yet, the blackout continues.


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