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Love Your Enemies ... and Me ~ By Victoria Jackson

A few of my friends give me continual, unconditional love and encouragement. They know who they are … but I'm in a rant right now.

Most of my friends say nothing. That hurts, but it's polite.

Most of my "friends" say nothing. That hurts, too, but it's polite. I get about five emails a day from an acquaintance who is saving Chihuahuas. That's a noble endeavor, but I don't have time to respond. I get about 3,967 emails every day. But, I haven't yet asked her to stop because it seems mean. I've tried to spam it, delete it, spam it again, to no avail. I think what I'm saying here is – I need to take a computer course.

The first thing I need to explain is why the title of this blog post doesn't match the title of the column by Victoria Jackson. On the actual column, the title is just "Love". But then on WND, in the contents column on the right side of the page, the title I have above was used. Maybe something was messed up in the title on the column, so I decided to go with the longer, more explanatory title that ties this commentary together. You will understand that when you read the full story.

Okay, now, the other important thing I need to explain. I totally understand what Victoria was talking about in her column! But yes, having email sent to a list without the use of the bcc "button" is not a good thing. In her column, Victoria will tell you of the replies she received because she made that mistake. Of course, replies would be received when she made a mistake! But wait! Who replies to offer support in regard to an email sent out about an important issue? Very, very few people do.

I was fortunate to have read Phil Elmore's latest column and blogging on it just before I came across Victoria's column on WND. It kind of just happened... Phil had discussed in his column how whimpering about what people say about us when we make our thoughts public is a miserable road to failure. This column could not have been any better matched with what Phil wrote, except in Victoria's column, it was the part about how silence - a lack of response to our best efforts - seems to hurt just as much, if not more! And I know that ... from my own first-hand experience. Believe me, it takes a thicker skin to overcome silence than the attacks. 

Note to Victoria: 

Rejoice! Your thoughts and "rant" (LOL!) touched at least 30 more people today, and maybe more, because it touched me! If you only knew! 

What you wrote in that paragraph starting with, "I am "this close" to quitting," I knew exactly what you were saying. Victoria, you said it all when you wrote, "Do my "friends" think this is fun for me?" Oh, I know the feeling.  Do my "friends" realize what I went through when I found out my youtube channel was "terminated?" Uh.... Yeah.... not so much.... But a few did.  That is the important thing for us to remember!  We're bombarded with thousands of emails, facebook entries, and tweets... day after day, hour after hour... etc.  It never ends. You can catch up, only to find out you are already behind again.  In other words, Victoria, it only means that many of our true friends are just as busy as we are, at whatever their endeavors are.  However, what it really means is that we have to acknowledge the work of others that we love when we have a chance.  Just call it "Pay it forward," Victoria. 

That's all we can do, and that is the power of love.

Don't worry, Victoria, you are loved!

A nation of mental weaklings ~ By Phil Elmore

Love Your Enemies ... and Me
(NOTE: See my comment above regarding this title)

By Victoria Jackson

April 01, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011 WorldNetDaily

"Love your enemies. Bless them that curse you." Luke 6:27 (You won't find that in the Quran.)

Love your friends, too.

I did something terrible this week. I forwarded a political email to 93 "friends" without bcc-ing. They freaked out. Well, six of them did. And those six friends' mean emails ruined my whole week.

They didn't just scold me for not bcc-ing; they had to add that I am "too far right," and that they don't appreciate the "tone of Fox News or Glenn Beck," even though they haven't watched it.

In my defense, there is no bcc on my computer. It's hidden somewhere. I clicked all the buttons to no avail. It doesn't pop up, so I can't push it. When I'm on the road and use hotel computers, I see the bcc and use it, but I can't find it on my home computer. My friend sent me tech directions that are meaningless. I can't find the bcc button, so kill me.

Do these angry friends think it is fun for me to daily scour the Internet, radio and TV searching for truth? Let alone be skewered in the media? Do they think I enjoy politics?! I have been forcing myself to learn about these boring matters since the masses elected a communist for president without even researching his past. One friend scolded me for using the word, "communist," but he wouldn't listen to the 25 facts (starting with O's Black Liberation Theology [Marxism] church of 20 years) that prove my point.

And, by the way, whether or not you like his style or religion (Mormon), Glenn Beck tells the truth and has taught me more about government than all the colleges I ever attended – and there were five.

I am "this close" to quitting. Let's just be communist, or Muslim, whatever. It's too hard to fight it. I'm losing "friends." I'm losing acting jobs. I watch news instead of comedies. I'm not funny anymore. I watch DVDs like "Agenda: Grinding America Down" instead of "Meatballs." I have a W.I.N. meeting in my home, where we pray for our country, instead of a bowling league with martinis. My conversations are riddled with, "Why are we in Libya? I thought liberals were anti-war," and "Do you think the Eqypt/Libya thing is about 'O' helping the Middle East turn all Muslim Brotherhood so they can squash Israel?" instead of "Look at my new nail polish – it's Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic." Oh, wait! That's political, too! I'm obsessed! Do my "friends" think this is fun for me?

I spend hours researching facts. I go through boxes of Coffee Nips. (Oral fixation: beats smoking or nail biting.) If you click on the single-underlined font in my articles, it links you to the place I found the information. (Some linked words are ads – that's out of my control.) I find and share truth with people who might not have the time or interest, facts like "O" appointing Van Jones, a communist, as his green-jobs czar, facts like Obamacare will bankrupt the U.S. and lower quality and quantity of medical care. I could be playing Frisbee topless on South Beach, but no, I'm preaching "Let's turn back to God and our Christian roots." You would think my 93 email friends would thank me. Most of them are Christians.

Forgive my passion. Forgive my computer tech ignorance. Forgive my childlike naivete in thinking I can save my country. Patriot Action Network is one of the best sources of truth available. You should be happy if they hook up to your email.

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