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The virtuous always pay a price ~ By Larry Klayman

So to be blunt, I do not believe that Glenn's departure from Fox News was consensual. Because of his clear and honest views, and the departure of mainstream advertising revenues, Glenn was obviously shown the door. He was in effect too hot for even Fox News to handle and, without the jingle of advertising coin, expendable – no matter how much good he was doing to cut Obama and his socialist comrades down to size.

Sure Glenn and Fox News have tried to put on a good face. There is nothing entirely wrong with that; Fox is trying to avoid a viewer backlash. But the lesson to be learned is that the virtuous always pay a price.

Glenn Beck does not need Fox News. He is by now a very rich multi-millionaire and has more talent than anyone there in prime time. But Glenn's virtue is that he – like only a few others in the conservative movement – does not bow down to the altar of money or suck up to the conservative media establishment. He is much better than that!

Back on March 20, I had posted a column by Robert Ringer, by the title of "The war on Glenn Beck." In that column, Robert Ringer had written, "Most Americans are not yet ready to accept the truths Beck teaches, so they find it easier to dismiss him as a doomsayer or conspiracy nut." And a few of those Americans that trashed Glenn Beck even went further in order to silence him, by boycotting advertisers on his Fox News show, and the pressure on the advertisers led to many of them dropping their sponsorship.

In that column Ringer wrote about a month ago, his feeling was that Glenn would leave the show on his own accord:
But if the powers that be ever did insist that he put a more positive spin on his show (i.e., that he lie to his viewers), I believe his sense of honor would compel him to leave Fox. Beck is on a mission, and I think purity in thought, speech and action are nonnegotiable with him.
But Larry Klayman does not see it that way. As you see in the excerpt at the top of the page, Larry doesn't believe that "Glenn's departure from Fox News was consensual." But since Glenn Beck didn't make it sound that way when he announced his departure from Fox News, you will need to read all of Klayman's column to see what makes him think that it was more of case of Fox News wanting to end Glenn Beck's show.

But Klayman and Ringer definitely agree on one thing: Glenn Beck's character, virtue and sense of honor would not allow him, as Klayman says, to "bow down to the altar of money or suck up to the conservative media establishment." Klayman goes on to say, "He is much better than that!" I think all of Glenn's fans and supporters would agree with both Ringer and Klayman, as
do I, when it comes to speaking of Glenn's honor. I'm just sayin'...

The war on Glenn Beck ~ By Robert Ringer
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The virtuous always pay a price

By Larry Klayman

April 16, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Perhaps I take a special interest in writing about Glenn Beck, because I identify with his taking unpopular stands and actions and paying a price. Indeed, I have been credited with being the precursor to Glenn. In the July 31, 2010, edition of Red County, a generally conservative but nonpartisan Internet publication, Dr. Richard Swier, while reviewing my book "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment," wrote: "Long before there was a tea party, Glenn Beck 912 movement, 13 Patriots and thousands of others, there was Larry Klayman. Larry believes that it is more important to be virtuous than liked."

So when it was announced by Fox News recently that Glenn was "leaving" the network, this came as no surprise. More than any other political commentator and analyst on television – and frankly, I can think of no one else – Glenn speaks intelligently from his heart and does not worry about the consequences of what he "teaches" the American people.

This is not a fluff column, and there is no ulterior motive for my observations about Glenn's departure from Fox News. But for those of you who watch Fox News, as I also do from time to time, there was a world of difference between Glenn's show and the other prime-time shows. He is a pure ideologue, in the best sense of the word. If he sometimes was perceived as going over the top, it was obvious that it was because he believes in his own words. And his words were unique among Fox News' hosts, and certainly even more so from other cable hosts on other networks.

Like me, Glenn believes not only that President Barack Hussein Obama is anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic, but that he is part of a broader conspiracy – the "great left-wing" conspiracy – to reduce our nation to ashes, only to refashion it and have it rise up as a great socialist state, which has ceded its sovereignty to the "New World Order." George Soros, the tycoon ultra-leftist philanthropist, is part of this conspiracy, which is evil in Glenn's and my estimations. Soros is a Jew, and he and his father did sell out their own people to the Nazis during World War II – and regrettably continue to do so with Israel. That Glenn would say this straight up is more than brave given the leftist Jewish domination and bent in the mainstream media; it is necessary to understand the mentality and goals of those who support Obama and leftist Democrats these days. Soros goes hand in hand with the other subversive ultra-leftists, domestic terrorists and black Muslims that Obama has associated with over the years, and with whom he still associates – people like Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Louis Farrakhan and Bill Ayers.

In short, Glenn honestly believes that Obama and his friends intend to destroy the United States of America as we know it! I do too!


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