Monday, April 25, 2011

I know Andrew Breitbart! ~ By Victoria Jackson

I moved to Miami and took my mom to a Marco Rubio rally right before his Senate election. It was mostly in Spanish. I hadn't been asked to sing my "Commie" uke song (that I'd sung at rallies across the nation), and this was my hometown! Discouraged with political activism and ready to quit, I showed my mom Psalm 26, which the day before had encouraged me to stay the course. Right before I started to read it aloud, my cell rang and it was Breitbart. He knows my number?! My mom looked at me impatiently. I mouthed, "He's big."

Andrew began, "You're vindicated!" I said, "What?!" I thought fast. Did I do something wrong? Break a law? Kill someone? Andrew continued, "You're vindicated, Victoria! There's a new book out called 'Radical in Chief' by Stanley Kurtz. It's not a talk-show book. It's a real book. It details all of Obama's radical communistic past! You're vindicated!" As he continued talking excitedly about his new Pigford Scandal unraveling, I thought about what a kind person this was, to remember our conversation a year ago. When we hung up, I tried to explain to my mom who this famous person was. Then I picked up the Bible to read her the verse I had started 20 minutes before, Psalm 26:1, "Vindicate me, Oh Lord. …" My mouth dropped open! Vindicate?!

I was finally able to read Victoria's column from last Friday morning. I'm a little behind on my reading. There is no shortage of brilliant columns to immerse ourselves in. Great media is coming at us 24/7/365 (366 next year!). And now with twitter and facebook and text messages telling us what our friends are reading or watching, there really is an infinite number of ways to entertain - excuse me, I mean educate - ourselves. Things just keep getting more hectic! But I am glad that I finally got to read Victoria's column. I learned a few things.

You will understand the gravity of the second paragraph of the excerpt above once you read down further. But first, make sure that you play the video below where Andrew Breitbart explains the citizen journalist movement to Sean Hannity:

It is all about CITIZEN JOURNALISM! I emphasize that point, because that is what this column is really about... for me. Sure, the actual theme of the column is that liberals can turn Conservative. Victoria and Andrew had once believed that they were liberals. They had at one time bought into the liberal lies... I mean ideologies. They became Conservatives. Don't forget, Ronald Reagan did the same thing.

Back to "citizen journalism." I was just about ready to write, "Discouraged with political activism and ready to quit..." - but Victoria beat me to it. No, she didn't quit. Not only is she persisting, in what seems like a never-ending battle, she inspired me - just today - to keep on keeping on. I was ready to quit. You see, after a few years of writing on the internet, Andrew Breitbart had not called me.

That's okay. Because of what Victoria happened to write, that I finally got to read and study - going to my Bible to read Psalm 26 - I'll just be satisfied in knowing that eventually God will give me vindication for even trying to be a "citizen journalist." Even if I only reach a few people... with a special message... "Don't Give Up!" I'm just sayin'...

I know Andrew Breitbart!

By Victoria Jackson

April 22, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

When I first met Andrew in L.A., he told me that history would look back on me and smile, that I would be one of the influences that changed the landscape of Hollywood from 100 percent liberal to at least 50-50 … something to that effect. I puffed up with pride and pictured myself winning my third Oscar, shrugging my shoulders, thanking God and hearing whispers from the front row, "She's the reason I switched to conservative!" "Me, too!" "I just love President Palin!" "I just got born again!" At the Vanity Fair party, Sean Penn sidles up to me and purrs into my ear, "Conservative women are so much sexier," and then Susan Sarandon says, "I always knew you were smart!"

Well, I'm pretty much banned from Hollywood right now, so I don't know exactly when that dream will come true, but …

Andrew was a liberal and he switched. That's why his story is interesting to me.

It was funny that I ran into Andrew this week at the First Coast Tea Party in Jacksonville, Fla., because it was his book release day, and I was there the day Andrew thought of the title to his book! It was July 2, 2010. I looked very fat that day. It was Troopathon. I was doing handstands, tap dancing and making a fool of myself in an attempt to raise money for the soldiers, our heroes. Andrew was on his Blackberry as usual, clicking, reading, thinking and texting … saving the world.

On the way to my second tea-party speech, in '09, I asked Breitbart if it was philosophically correct if I called the president a communist. "People admit he's a Marxist, and Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, so what's the difference?" After a long pause, Andrew said, "Victoria, say whatever you want to say." I took that as permission, so I started publicly discussing the state of our union in this simplest way I could, explaining our sudden government takeover and dying middle class. We smelled a new scent in the air – fear – a realization that our freedoms were disappearing and none of us knew how to explain it, let alone stop it.


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  1. My heart hurts today at the news of Breitbart's passing. Praying for his wife, young kids, family and friends. I'm also praying that the work he was doing will be picked up and continued by a new drove of fearless thousands. The image in my mind--when the person carrying the banner/flag in battle is struck down and the one next to him picks the flag up and marches on. That's what Bret would have wanted.