Friday, April 22, 2011

The Donald: Doing the job the media won't do ~ By Larry Elder

No, the real story about Trump isn't Trump.

It's the pass given Obama by the media. Whether it's regarding Obama's birthplace, whether Obama personally heard Wright's racist and anti-Semitic sermons, or whether unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers wrote Obama's first book, Obama manages to avoid careful examination from the adoring media.

Trump would not be relevant – if the media had been.

What Larry Elder says about The Donald (Donald Trump) is important for Republicans to know about. Larry does not think that The Donald will try to run for President. There are just too many things that The Donald has in his past for him to even think about it. And as Rush Limbaugh said, Trump needs to be schooled on Conservatism

The good news regarding the ongoing Donald Trump saga is that he has shown that the American people have had a desire to know more about Obama, about his missing birth certificate, and more, and the media completely looked the other way when it came to digging in to Obama's past. And now, Americans are becoming aware of what the media never bothered to mention.

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The Donald: Doing the job the media won't do

By Larry Elder

April 21, 2011 ~ 01:00 am Eastern

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Donald Trump isn't going to run for president.

He is rich, enjoys himself, says bold and often stupid things, trades his wife in for a younger model every few years and calls Rosie O'Donnell a "big fat pig." What's not to like?

But President The Donald Trump? Really?!

He couldn't take the scrutiny. Given his swashbuckling life and the media's heightened scrutiny of things Republican, Trump would spend his entire campaign putting out fires. Whether it be shady-side-of-the-line business deals, "bimbo eruptions," tax shenanigans, enemies looking to get even, or Lord knows what else, he'd barely have time to round up enough B-listers to keep "Celebrity Apprentice" afloat.

Then there is the matter of his ideology – as in, what exactly is it? Trump has alternately called Jimmy Carter the worst president ever, then George W. Bush the worst president ever, and now Barack Obama the worst president ever. This nouveau "conservative Republican" supported "universal health care"; advocated a tax on the rich; stood pro-choice on abortion; supported Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; called George W. Bush "evil"; proposed a 25 percent tariff on Chinese imports; and has contributed more money to Democrats than to Republicans. Whew!

Like Ross Perot – an earlier rich, thin-skinned businessman-turned-presidential-aspirant – Trump barks out orders, says jump and expects people to do so. Doesn't work that way in politics. Try jabbing an index finger at an obnoxious New York Times reporter or a pesky rival Republican and saying, "You're fired!"

Nor will he run as an independent – as he once threatened and then un-threatened to do. An indie candidacy would siphon votes away from the Republican candidate, requiring Trump to spend the rest of his life deflecting the blame for Obama's re-election. No fun being the next Ralph Nader, who, after costing Al Gore Florida and the presidency in '00, can't get a table at Chuck E. Cheese's.

This brings us to the only reason to pay attention to The Donald. He's turning over rocks the media can't even locate with a guide dog and a treasure map.


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  1. Larry Elder has subsribes to this birther nonsense. "Missing birth certificate?" Rubbish. There is more than enough proof that Obama was born in the United States.