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U.N.'s Agenda 21 is in your community ~ By Henry Lamb

These plans should be rejected, not simply because they arise from the United Nations, but because they infringe personal freedom and private property rights. The implementation of these comprehensive land-use plans effectively transfers to government the right to dictate to individuals what kind of materials must be used in constructing their privately owned homes. The Auto-DR provision defined above actually gives government the right to dictate the temperature in your home, and the ability to enforce it.

This is madness! This is sustainable development! This is Agenda 21!

Local tea parties, 9/12 groups and property-rights organizations must learn about Agenda 21 and exactly what their local visioning statements and local comprehensive land-use plans contain. Many groups are forming study committees to analyze their local plans by section and then report back to the entire group. This way, not every individual has to read the entire plan.

If this rush to oblivion is going to be stopped, it is up to private citizens to get informed, get involved and help get into office only those people who truly respect the Constitution and the individual freedom it is supposed to guarantee.

You can always count on Henry Lamb to keep us informed about how the United Nations has their fingerprints all over many laws, regulations, and ordinances that are affecting our freedom in a negative way, and that are threatening the Constitution of the United States "and the individual freedom it is supposed to guarantee."

In this column, you will read about how the U.N.'s Agenda 21 seeps into our local communities, how to identify this insidious agenda, and finally, ways for you and I to eradicate this infectious globalist plot from our local stomping grounds.

Just in case you still aren't sure what the real danger is by having Agenda 21 showing up in your city's community development plans, keep in mind that the U.N.'s infiltration is done not as much clandestinely as it is openly, only because most people are not aware of the U.N.'s Agenda 21. Well, thanks to Henry, now you are, and it is up to you to make sure your friends, neighbors and colleagues are also made aware of the evil globalist intentions of the United Nations. I'm just sayin'...

U.N.'s Agenda 21 is in your community
By Henry Lamb

April 23, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

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Anyone who reads Chapter 7 of Agenda 21 and then reads his local comprehensive land-use plan will immediately recognize that most of the provisions of the local land-use plan come directly from Agenda 21. More often than not, the elected officials who adopt these plans have never read Agenda 21, and many have never even heard of the U.N. document, signed by President George H.W. Bush in 1992.

The facilitators and professional planners have heard about Agenda 21, but frequently claim that the plan they are working on has nothing to do with the U.N. or Agenda 21. Don't believe it for one minute.

Gary Lawrence, former director of the Center for Sustainable Communities at the University of Washington, and chief planner for the city of Seattle, told an audience in London:
In the case of the U.S., our local authorities are engaged in planning processes consistent with LA21 [Local Agenda 21], but there is little interest in using the LA21 brand. … So, we call our processes something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth.

In community after community, the same scenario is repeated. The federal government, through the EPA or the Department of Commerce or the Department of Interior, offers special grants to communities for the purpose of developing a vision for a greener future and a plan to convert the vision into reality.

Typically, the local government will find a private consultant to "facilitate" the process. The facilitator will identify a local "steering committee," carefully chosen from people who represent various segments of the community, all of whom are known in advance to be sympathetic to the goals of Agenda 21.


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