Friday, April 24, 2009

Sean Penn: Shut up and act ~ Melanie Morgan

By Melanie Morgan © 2009 Today, I want to apologize for my fellow Marin County resident, Sean Penn. He appears to be off his meds (or on too many) and went on a rant that is common among too many pompous millionaire actors who confuse their vast sums of money with their ability for critical thinking. I hate to bring any serious attention to Penn, who is famous and wealthy because he is good at acting like a stoner ("Fast Times at Ridgemont High"), a thug ("Bad Boys") and a drug dealer ("The Falcon and the Snowman"). Given his much-publicized penchant for violence, I wonder how much "acting" he really does when he plays these parts. But Penn's rant needs attention because others who confuse celebrity with intellect might believe his socialist/commie rubbish. Sean penned his latest blather, pretending to be a serious commentator, this week. It was posted at the Huffington Post, where the world's leftist vipers go to spew their inane ideas that are fit for a rubber room in which their favorite dictators (Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein and the Castro brothers) are housed. [Continue reading]
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