Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ACORN Engages in Destructive Activity Against Tea Parties!

When the story first broke 2 weeks ago that ACORN and other Leftwing groups may attempt to disrupt the Tax Day Tea Party protests today, ACORN denied the story. But now we have confirmation on the local level that proves the group is intent on doing all it can to disrupt, thwart, and embarrass the Tea Party attendees. From the article:
ACORN is on a mission to infiltrate the tea parties all across the land to start fights and make the others who attend all look disorganized and troublesome. To go at great lengths to see to it, Obama has a clear and free pass is a bit extreme, but this is how an organization like ACORN rolls. Obama had no comment when he was asked about the community group accused of election fixing. Obama helped organize ACORN, and a no answer is not necessarily a not guilty answer.
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