Sunday, April 19, 2009

Israel 'preparing massive strike on Iran'

By Aaron Klein © 2009 WorldNetDaily TEL AVIV, Israel–The Israel Defense Forces is carrying out drills to practice for a possible massive aerial assault on Iran's nuclear facilities within days - or even hours - of being given the go-ahead by its new government, according to a report today in the Times of London. "Israel wants to know that if its forces were given the green light they could strike at Iran in a matter of days, even hours. They are making preparations on every level for this eventuality. The message to Iran is that the threat is not just words," one unnamed senior defense official was quoted telling The Times. The British newspaper quoted other unidentified defense sources explaining any Israeli attack on Iran would entail flying over Jordanian and Iraqi airspace, where U.S. forces have a strong presence. Previous drills have included the use of F15 and F16 fighter jets, helicopters and refueling tankers, practicing bombing raids at long distances, according to the Times. Those drills took place last year, according to IDF sources speaking to WND. [Continue reading]
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