Wednesday, April 22, 2009

U.S. professor becomes first Jew to win 'Arab Nobel Prize'

Although this story is already a few days old, I felt it was a very significant movement toward peace in the Middle East. Only the first part of the story is shown here, be sure to click on the Continue reading link at the end of the story for more good news:
By Natasha Mozgovaya, Haaretz Correspondent and Haaretz Service An American professor has become the first Jew to win the King Faisal International Prize in Medicine, popularly known as the "Arab Nobel Prize." Stanford professor Ronald Levy, who heads the university's Oncology department, told Haaretz that as an American Jew married to an Israeli it never crossed his mind that he might win the Saudi-financed competition. "I didn't think there was much chance, and I forgot about it," Levy said. "It's an Arab country, and I didn?t think they are likely to pick a Jew." After he was informed of his victory, Levy rushed to check the contest Web site, where he found his picture and biography already on the homepage. The prize committee had posted Levy's biography exactly as he submitted it, with one glaring exception: the line showing his post-doctoral work at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot had been deleted. The prize, which included $200,000, a medal, and a certificate in English and Arabic, also came with a dinner with Saudi King Abdullah. [Continue reading]
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