Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hedgecock seeks popular uprising

Columnist who revealed DHS crackdown calls government report 'un-American' Talk-radio host and WND columnist Roger Hedgecock says the Department of Homeland Security report he recently unveiled should cause more than alarm for Americans. "This kind of intimidation is so un-American," he said. "I'm hoping people will rise up against it." The DHS document warns against the possibility of violence by unnamed "right-wing extremists" concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty. It singles out returning war veterans as particular threats. He was interviewed today about his report by Greg Corombos of Radio America/WND. [The audio of the interview is embedded in the column at this point.] The report, titled "Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment," dated April 7, states that "threats from white supremacist and violent anti-government groups during 2009 have been largely rhetorical and have not indicated plans to carry out violent acts." [Continue reading]
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