Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Nation of Helpless Idiots ~ by Karen De Coster

As I was perusing through the diggosphere (that's the community, folks) last night, I came across this article. The description, as written by digg user populist, grabbed my immediate attention!
The tyranny of the masses is, and has been, a significant apparatus for serving the government in its crusade toward a totalitarian agenda. As long as the majority of the people are so passive as to welcome the government’s false sense of security, it will have an audience to which it can market its duplicitous spin.
Of course, I immediately brought up the story on to one of my open browser pages, and read an incredible story. Now check this out, this is from the article:
The Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee is kind enough to include a video version of “Identifying Terrorists for Dummies.” In the video, actors play out the seven signs so you can learn what a terrorist looks like. Accordingly, “anything out of the ordinary” is deemed a “possible terrorist plot or threat,” and it is stressed that such abnormal behavior must be seriously assessed and investigated. At 3:55 of the propaganda production, a jogger runs by a man on a park bench writing in his notepad. I looked for signs of grenades, big ole bombs ‘neath the bench, or an assemblage of scary-looking darkies [emphasis mine, you'll see why later] toting box cutters in the background, but no such thing is apparent. However, since spending time alone to write in a notepad outdoors is a highly suspicious, deviant, and subversive activity, the jogger, disturbed by the sinister notebook, stops to pull out her cell phone and call the police. She’s being a good girl, executing the kind of response the chief fearmongers desire from a model citizen. This stuff is like chicken soup for the loyalist soul. We’re all Soviet snitches now.
Now, you need to see the video that Karen included in this very intriguing column:

There is so much more to read in this great column, I'll just let you read the rest of it for yourself. However, I should warn you: There may be people that will report YOU for reading this column. You may want to get yourself to an internet cafe or the public library, or if you really feel like being mean, a friend's house, because you won't want to be tracked and identified. There is no doubt that you may raise flags by reading this column. Oh, you know, like the fact that this column would obviously be a right-wing extremist's attempt to recruit you. Yeah, I am sure you caught that, too, (I helped by emphasizing it above, the part where the writer mentions "darkies"). Man, I should be calling the police, or maybe even the FBI or Homeland Security! And if you thought the IRS was heartless, you haven't seen nothin' yet. Are you getting the idea yet?
Read this column! digg story ~ Submitted by populist

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