Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FBI Spied on Tea Parties

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a clandestine monitoring operation of last week’s Tea Party protests, filming and cataloging the faces of hundreds of thousands of Americans who acted on their First Amendment right to Free Speech. Hey, FBI, here is more video for you to help you catalog faces of patriotic Americans: From the article:
The information comes from an FBI agent who leaked the information to The Canada Free Press. “Listen to what I am saying,” the agent said during an interview with Doug Hagmann, founder (NEIN). “The Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Assessment that is receiving so much attention is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and the true patriotic citizens of this country are on the Titanic. This is what bothers me. But is goes far beyond that assessment. There have been very significant changes made over the last few years that redirect the focus and assets of the intelligence community internally. These changes have greatly accelerated under this administration, and the threats have been redefined to include those who used to be patriots. It’s not only chilling but absolutely insulting to God-fearing Americans.” [Continue reading]
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