Friday, January 02, 2009

Local Boy Makes Good! Johnny2k Gets Published on WND!

Kudos to John Kubicek for getting noticed and getting published on WorldNetDaily! It is quite an honor to be noticed by Joseph Farah, and to be featured on WND. John has accomplished what the majority of bloggers can only dream of; To be carried by a nationally read news website with the exposure that only WND can provide. Way to go John! ~ rjwusa
Thank you, rjwusa! I appreciate your very kind words, and your constant encouragement! Continue reading at "Independence Hall -The Blessings of Liberty" digg story, submitted by rjwusa

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  1. Thank you Randy! Thank you everybody for the very kind comments!

    Let's face it, sometimes we get lucky. However, I am a firm believer that we make our own luck. Right? It takes a lot of work, and a lot of faith. Just keep working at what you are doing, and believe in what you are doing, as long as it is something that is good (I don't mean good as in quality, but more like morally righteous), and sometimes things work out better than you can ever expect.

    The whole strange thing about this was that I was very disappointed for a while with the results of what I've been doing. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I saw my stats fall like a rock. Praise God, I realized what I've written here so far, and just kept plugging along. And the thing that is so important about that is, it's a good lesson for what we all need to do in the times that may be facing us.

    One other thing I must tell you today... Learn to love. Put away any bitterness. Think about what you are writing, and be sure not to put people down because they don't agree with you. In fact, do your very best to find something wonderful about your worst enemies. There is one thing that I know, God gave us all the one important gift as we came into this world, and took our first breath. Unfortunately, being in this world, living our lives, our hearts can tend to harden, we can find ourselves dealing with bitterness of "our bad fortune" of who we were born to or the environment we had to live with. While some of us were able to learn to deal with hardships, we have to remember that not everybody has yet gone down that road. They may not even know it exists. It is our job, for those of us that have been lucky enough to find that wonderful path to a happier life, to add that sweetener to neutralize a person's bitterness.