Saturday, January 03, 2009

Henry Lamb: Why freedom won't die in the 21st century

Sustainable development is the reorganization of society around a body of principles and recommendations set forth in a document called "Agenda 21." Henry writes about how this insidious plan will destroy our freedom if left unchecked, and what is being done to counter the Agenda 21 global movement. Read Henry's column! | digg Henry's column And now, in my words Henry Lamb does it again. Now, though, this time there is no way he could ever, in any way, explain all of it in just one column, but it is a good start. It gives the background you need to find out just what is going on with the U.N. mandated Sustainable Development as described in Agenda 21. Once you go to the links he provides (several of which I will provide to you below), you will soon be able to connect the dots. Agenda 21 is not just a socialist plan; it is outright progression towards Global Communism. Hear Henry, and hear him good: If you want to preserve what little freedom we still have, the time to take action is NOW! As soon as you read this column, the first thing you need to do is go his site, and watch "Sustainable Development: Connecting the Dots." We don' t have much time left, folks. Barack Obama will be going right along with Agenda 21, and I'm pretty sure he'll get it started as soon as he can eliminate the 1st and 2nd Amendments. (Hey, Barry Obama did promise "change".... but there is no hope in this kind of change!) Yes, you heard it here first. This is very, very scary, my friends. Please pass this information along to EVERYONE you know! This is frightening, and it is true. I guess that makes it -- you guessed it -- truly frightening! Read Henry's column! Our time of freedom and prosperity may soon be lost. Dissent now. Do whatever it takes. LINKS and references: Sustainable Development: Connecting the Dots Sovereignty International, Inc. Freedom21 UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs - Division for Sustainable Development

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