Saturday, January 03, 2009

How to tell if you're a spoiled brat - by Patrice Lewis

In last week's column, "A nation bursting with spoiled brats," Patrice "wanted to slap people upside the head with something simple, truthful and profound," which she succeeded in doing. Not surprisingly, the "brats" replied to her in ways that only illustrated what she said last week. And so, what exactly is a spoiled brat? Patrice explains it. Let's continue on with what Patrice was saying in this sequel:
... During a time of celebrating peace on earth and goodwill toward men, I wanted people to think about just how darned lucky we are. Yes, our country has problems, but we're unbelievably fortunate to live here, especially when compared to lots of other places. The premise of the column was that we should be grateful for our daily miracles such as clean water, abundant food, modern sanitation and other conveniences … rather than griping and complaining all the time about trivial stuff. After all, who could possibly argue that we are not supremely blessed with abundance in this country? It's irrefutable, right? Wrong. The column ignited a firestorm of protest among those who disagreed. The disagreement came in three broad varieties. The most common complaint from those who objected to my commentary was that we have no right to be grateful because the world isn't perfect. We cannot and should not publicly appreciate our blessings because there are others who are poor and downtrodden, and to be grateful for what we have when others are in less fortunate circumstances is tantamount to arrogance. (I think. The logic wasn't always clear.)Survivor's guilt, maybe? [Continue reading]
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