Monday, January 31, 2011

Real state of the union – by the numbers ~ By Herman Cain

Like the appliance repair man, we will continue to have some restless nights because of broken promises and failed policies by the administration. The House is starting to see the light, but this president isn't even aware of the heat.

Maybe he will become aware in 2012 when he joins the ranks of the unemployed.

You know, I still haven't watched Obama's latest State of the Union address yet. I really wouldn't need to ever watch it, either. I've been focused on watching Obama's actions over the last few years since I first became aware of him, long before he became President. There wouldn't have been much more that I could have learned about Obama by watching the speech. They're just his words (not that he actually wrote them, or anything). And of course, I was already aware that he can read a teleprompter. Obamessiah's actions have spoken much louder.

Herman Cain, in this column, tells it like it really is. Look at the numbers, man! Didn't Obama promise us that jobs were a priority when he wanted his stimulus plan two years ago? And did it work? Has anything Obama has done worked? Trying to make America accepted in the world again? How has that worked out? Say, didn't Obama give a speech over there in Egypt a while back? That's kind of weird, but I guess those folks there didn't take notes during his speech. And, Obama has no clue what to do about the protests. (Or does he? Maybe he considers the Muslim Brotherhood to be his friends. Just sayin'...)

If we are lucky, it will be Herman Cain in 2012 that shows Obama the way to the unemployment line. I happen to like both Herman's words and his actions.

Real state of the union – by the numbers

By Herman Cain

January 31, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Now that the mainstream media are hopefully done swooning over President Obama's State of the Union speech, some of us are more concerned about the real state of the union, by the numbers. It's not what he said or did not say, nor is it how he said it. It should be about our national security and our national economic health.

The day after the president's State of the Union speech, an appliance installation and repair man was installing some new appliances in our home. Unsolicited, he said he had a hard time sleeping last night after hearing the president's speech. When I asked why, he said he did not hear anything in the speech that made him feel that America is safer as a nation, nor did he hear anything that would really help grow the economy.

I told him I agreed with him, and that he expressed the feelings of probably most of us who are not intoxicated by the president's words and his delivery. Many people are, but most of us are not.

Maybe there are some provisions in the START treaty that regular folk like the repair man and I don't know about. But it appears as if the Russians got a better deal by limiting our ability to deploy missile-defense systems in other parts of the world, where a lot of our enemies are located. For example, cancellation of the missile-defense system being built in Turkey does not seem like a good idea. The world is not safer! And we have reduced our ability to help keep it safe.

Many of the most compelling facts about the real state of our economy were missing from the president's speech.


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  1. Great Article !! Carry on. God Bless America.:O)