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Win the 'war' (oops) – ignore the rhetoric ~ By Victoria Jackson

Altadena, Calif., Aug. 12, 2009, Schiff Health Care Townhall
I will not be worn down. Although some TV liberals call me "weird," and "coo-coo for CoCo Puffs," and some liberal bloggers call me "a fat has-been," and Keith Olberman once labeled me the "second-worst person in the world," I will continue to speak the truth in this "fight" (oops), "battle" (oops) … um … disagreement thing. Conservatives call me names, too – names like "smart, educated, informed and honest." So, I like conservatives better!

Victoria Jackson makes a statement that is so true (I pray): "Look out. The Christians are waking up."

Now, let me ask you, have you ever heard anyone say something like, "As Christians, we should never mix politics and religion?" Of course you have! Or, at least I think you have, because I know I've heard it millions of times (I tend to make absurd exaggerations in order to make a point), and I actually did believe it until Ronald Reagan was campaigning for President in 1980. That was when I first realized that when Christians stayed silent, when Christians "left politics to the left," we ended up with Jimmy Carter.

So, today, I am praying that many Christians will see this post.

By the way, there is a note at the bottom of Vicki's column. As much as I love Glenn Beck, Vicki has brought something to light that you should be aware of:

Note: Referring to last week's piece on Glenn Beck's Mormonism, be sure to read this column.

Win the 'war' (oops) – ignore the rhetoric

By Victoria Jackson

January 21, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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Video provided by PasadenaTeaParty ~ November 02, 2009

Something bad is happening. Small groups of moms are gathering by candlelight across the country. We will do anything to protect our children. Tonight I am at a WIN meeting. is my newest attempt to "arm" myself for "battle." Oops! Not allowed to make "war" (oops) references in referring to "conquering" (oops) evil. My words may lead metaphor-ignorant folks to "attack" (oops) physically instead of ideologically their "enemies." (Oops!) Let's just say we moms are going to save our country for our children. With God's help.

We open in prayer. Spunky the pit bull is lying on Mary Margaret's lap snoring.

The book we are reading, "Take Back America" by Mathew Staver, is sitting on the coffee table beneath a small American flag that we are pledging allegiance to. My eyes are full of tears. How did my country come to this? I feel like we are hiding. Have we done something wrong? I feel like we are Anne Frank or the underground church in China.

First, we must acknowledge that we Christian moms "dropped the ball." Sports metaphors are still allowed, right? My new best friend from my cruise last week, Gary DeMar ( and lists several reasons why Christians over the last 30 years have left politics to the left.

Look out. The Christians are waking up. Since most of our WIN group is made up of beginner political activists and I've had two years' experience, I share with them some of my new knowledge.

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