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Of course you realize this means war ~ By Erik Rush

Assuming we have enough willing representation among those who took office yesterday, our job has just begun. Keeping this administration at bay while we work toward ousting as many more Washington elites as possible in 2012 will not be easy. But keep them at bay we must, and we must educate our neighbors, so they understand the imperative.

Our job has just begun, and as Erik Rush mentions, we need to keep up our vigilance. There are many signs that Obama and elitist cronies in Washington D.C. are not about to give up on their radical left agenda, even though Obama got "shellacked" on November 2, 2010.

Like his key staff who have left, or are leaving. Just yesterday, the White House announced that press secretary Robert Gibbs would step down next month. It goes without saying that we can't expect the sort of analysis from the press that we used to; once upon a time, such defections would signal the death knell for an administration. The list of those staff members who started out with Obama and will remain with the president when he finishes his term is growing very short, but we're not to surmise it's like rats fleeing a sinking ship or anything.

So, is there any significance to the number of people leaving the Obama administration? Watch the following video, and then you decide.

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It seems that Obama wants to change his appearance to look like a moderate, for the benefit of the Press. But look out, that may not be what is really happening! It may be to just get the Democrat machine rolling for 2012. Oh, wait... Make that the Chicago Machine.

Of course you realize this means war

By Erik Rush

January 06, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Shortly after the midterm election in November, the host of a news-analysis show asked me if I thought that President Obama would move to the center – or at least appear to do so – given the outcome of the election, or if I thought he didn't have it in him.

I responded emphatically that I believed the latter was the case, likening the president to some sort of B-movie genetically engineered creature who was bred expressly for the purpose of rendering the coup de grĂ¢ce to a wounded America.

No, he didn't have it in him, and whatever his devices – even if his modus operandi were modified – the goals would remain the same.

And that's how things are turning out. The only conciliations this president appears to have made are in his words, and even many of those contain equivocation and sinister allusion to his intention to adhere to his unpopular – and more importantly, radical – agenda.

With respect to GOP overtures to repeal Obamacare, for example, the president said that he expects Republicans to "play to their base for a certain period of time." This infers a mere divergence in policy and political maneuvering on the part of the Democrats and the GOP.

But those days are over.

In short, it is war – a war between factions of socialist elites and constitutionalist, liberty-loving Americans. If this sounds a bit trite to you, that's fine, but if it sounds over-the-top, you're still hitting the snooze button.

It has never been more clear that all but a handful of politicians in Washington are America's enemies, and that these factions of ruling elites have no care for the fact that they are operating outside of the law. Obama's attitude belies the life-and-death struggle currently in progress. Rest assured that many career politicians do suppose that after this "certain period of time," they can all get back to politics as usual: Communists, socialists and plain old self-aggrandizing, avaricious politicians will resume gulping greedy draughts at the public teat, while hastily constructing arks of political and pecuniary means for their future escape.

It has also never been clearer that this administration, their kindred cronies and lawmakers intend to utterly disregard those who would preserve a semblance of this republic; the dialogue they employ for public consumption is, at this point, only for those who are already buying their lies. Our protestations are as irrelevant to them as a screaming toddler's insistence that he be allowed to drink from a bottle of bleach.

The record is replete with indicators of where President Obama intends to go, indicators that he has given even since November. From recess appointment, to net neutrality, to continued outrageous recreational expenditures, it is apparent (at least to many of us) that Obama and congressional Democrats intend to operate with all the arrogance of the preceding two years.

And then there are the subtler indicators that Obama will continue his effort to bring about a wholesale collapse of our economy and a rending of our social fabric – all the while blaming it on his predecessors.


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