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The Tucson witch trials ~ By Patrice Lewis

In the Tucson incidence, the progressives are doing their best to whip up the masses into mob rule so they can lynch (that's a metaphor) everyone and everything they don't like. They want to lynch talk radio and free presses and gun ownership and Alaskan hockey moms. They want to lynch, bit by bit, the entire Bill of Rights so they can replace it with whatever their Borg-like minds believe will create a perfect Stepford society.

And of course, if anyone protests against increased gun control or limitations on free speech, "it will be inferred that we are just fine with members of Congress, judges and little girls being gunned down in the street," in the words of Erik Rush.

I thought witch trials were a thing of the past. Evidently I'm wrong.
No, actually, Patrice is right, in the way she explains what is going on with the vitriol coming from the left! And here is one additional thought: Do you really believe that those that are blaming the Right for the terrible tragedy in Tucson actually believe that it was people such as Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin that caused Loughner to commit such a heinous crime? I don't, and what Patrice says about the progressives whipping up the masses helped to put the pieces together. They are not letting a crisis go to waste, and they know that they can use the Tragedy in Tucson to take away our gun rights and freedom of speech, and probably more! The progressives knew that they just had to spin it against those of us that believe in our freedoms and the Constitution. Their plan will hopefully not work, which is why columns like this one, and the columns that Phil Elmore and Erik Rush wrote this week, need to be read by as many Americans as possible.

The Tucson witch trials
By Patrice Lewis

January 15, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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A few days ago, I came across a classic book from my childhood: "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" by Elizabeth George Speare. The book was published in 1958 and won a Newbery Medal.

The story takes place in 1687 in Weathersfield, Conn. A 16-year-old orphan named Kit leaves her native Barbados and travels to Puritan New England to live with her austere aunt and uncle, which turns out to be a difficult adjustment. Kit befriends an elderly outcast Quaker woman named Hannah living on the edge of a swamp. When illness strikes the village and children start dying, a lynch mob blames Hannah and storms to her house to string her up. Kit spirits Hannah to safety, but then she herself is accused of sorcery until a dramatic trial proves her innocence.

It was a great story when I was a kid, and it has lost none of its merit after I re-read it this week. It was an interesting reminder of how far we've advanced from the ignorance and superstitions of our past.

Or have we? It seems witch trials are alive and well in 2011 America. I refer, of course, to the absurd and almost comical attempts to blame the tragic shootings in Tucson on anyone and anything that isn't progressive.

It didn't take long – maybe 15 minutes or so – for the mob to start assembling in front of microphones, screaming invectives and rousing the rabble to string up anyone whose name they could spit out of froth-foamed mouths. Rush Limbaugh, Joseph Farah, Glenn Beck, the tea party in general and of course the ever-popular Sarah Palin were blamed for the insanity lurking in the killer's head. This is just about as logical as blaming a harmless old woman for the fever deaths of children.

What IS it with this predilection of the left to pin unwarranted blame on the right despite a total lack of evidence? It's apparent Loughner acted alone. His history and behavior suggests that he is insane and capable of twisting anything around in his sick head to justify his actions. Yet I've watched the progressive talking heads go through the most amazing verbal gymnastics and linguistic contortions in an effort to ignore Loughner's apparent leftist inclinations and blame … Sarah Palin. Huh?

I don't know about you, but it would never cross my mind – not in a million years – to take a lone madman's attack on innocent people and blame Barack Obama or Al Franken or Rosie O'Donnell. Never.


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