Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leftists' horrible paradox ~ By Phil Elmore

The horrible irony, the wry paradox here, is that Bob, if he had his way, would cut his own throat. He would cease to be in his ardent desire to see Fox News, Big Evil Corporations and Technocracy silenced. If the libs succeed in using events like the Arizona shooting to their advantage, they will eventually destroy both sides. It is a fact of the peculiar self-destructive nature of leftists that they do not see this and cannot think it through.

If the liberals can mischaracterize dissent as threats and opposition as hostile action, they can silence all debate in the name of keeping peace – even as they abuse you with politically correct power. They'll go on ramming their filthy ideology down our throats while ignoring the will of the American people – and they'll do it all while remaining blithely, blissfully unaware of what they've wrought. The progressives' would-be journalists and free thinkers will be the second group put against the wall by a totalitarian regime. It will be cold comfort to them then that you and I were stood there first.
There are many Americans that do not understand why Sheriff Dupnik's comments about "vitriolic political rhetoric" is a great danger to all of us. Those people need to read this column. Phil explains that the liberals are unknowingly digging their own graves should they be able to silence dissent.

To leftists, dissent equals hate ~ By Phil Elmore
The Sheriff's Vitriol

Leftists' horrible paradox

By Phil Elmore

January 13, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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Mr. Carson is the host of what he describes, perhaps somewhat whimsically, as "New Jersey's only FM progressive radio show." Claiming that "some have compared Bob to Ed Schultz" (although the only person I've yet identified making this comparison is Bob himself), Mr. Carson is an example of the type of pundit empowered by the Internet. If not for the network of networks we call the World Wide Web, I would never have heard of Bob, nor would I know what he thinks about a given political issue. This is, despite the revolting and insulting nature of Mr. Carson's rhetoric, a good thing.

Carson describes what he does as an "independent radio show ... as a grass-roots, low-budget radio show. We're proud of that. I am." To call "Carson's Corner" – the name applied to Bob's political commentary and to the show he does in which he gives his news and views on the sport of mixed martial arts – a "radio show" might perhaps be a bit too generous for someone who is primarily a podcaster; Bob is heard once a week on the college radio station of Rider University. Bob nonetheless describes himself as "a warrior in the fight against right-wing/corporate propaganda."

Carson blames a culture of "individual achievement" for the lack of "society" – which, when spoken by an avowed progressive, is a communist's way of saying that individuals' insistence on their individual rights and sovereignty are bad, while community appeals to government authority in the name of the common good are, well, good. Bob says a lack of society has caused economic hardship, and this hardship has caused someone to rifle through his mailbox. The Republicans, he believes, are to blame. On Dec. 28, he said:
That's what it's going to come down to. If you don't pay a premium to the fire department or a premium to the police department, they're going to let your house burn down, or they're going to let you die in the streets due to a gunshot wound or whatever. … This is what corporate America, this is what the right wing has instilled upon us.
Carson derides journalists and members of the media as having no objectivity. He blames "right-wing editors" for the failure of modern journalists to get to "the truth." That's why, he says, "it's so important to support guys like myself, you know, independent media guys. … The corporations are cracking down on independent media sites."

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