Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here's a conspiracy for you ~ By Erik Rush

Sabotage the family unit, then offer government dependency as the cure. Stultify commerce, blame capitalism, and offer socialistic remedies to a fearful populace. Precipitate an environment that fosters violent crime, then point to guns as the cause and curtailment of their availability as the solution. Provide an abysmal education, and the people won't have a sufficient knowledge of history to realize what's happening to them.
If you feel that Erik Rush cries out too often about Communism, socialism, and progressivism, let us remind you that the "substantiation lies not only in the actions of progressives in government, but in the presence of avowed Marxists occupying high places therein at this very moment."

This column will help to educate the many Americans who may not yet be aware of how America is being conquered by those who all to often use the feel-good, pleasant sounding progressive phrases such as "Social justice, economic justice, sustainability..." to "appeal to Americans' sense of civic responsibility and stewardship."

Here's a conspiracy for you

By Erik Rush

January 20, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Although there was great weather and good spirits at the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day march I attended this week, the experience was somewhat tainted by the liberal use of the phrase "social justice" on the part some participants. Indeed, I have seldom seen my case for the radical left having hijacked the civil-rights agenda (as I detailed in my book, "Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America's Racial Obsession") more clearly demonstrated.

If there is any conspiracy or dark "New World Order" sort of design to which Americans feel compelled to subscribe, I've got one for them:

For starters, let us look to the black community in America. Every social infirmity from which this demographic suffers can be traced to the efforts of progressives. The liberal application of social programs, which were eagerly supported by blacks (and many others) as "restitution" for injustices, contained poison pills that sickened the black community, particularly in lower-income areas. The exploits of activists within black churches subverted the doctrine thereof, turned blacks' worldview on its head and wildly spun their moral compass. In the same manner were other institutions in the black community targeted. Grievances on the part of blacks and their leaders concerning this ongoing malaise were met with pleas for extended power and resources on the part of their ostensible benefactors – the political left. So the cycle continued.

This is the common modus operandi progressives have used in their wide-ranging subversion of America, since outright conquest was impossible: Create conditions that give rise to difficulty, then impose solutions calculated to coalesce liberals' political power.

America's economy was not only the world's shining example, but that of history as well. So, after propagandizing citizens in the area of commerce and business interests for a time, they were able to impose increasing amounts of regulation upon all wealth-generating sectors of the economy.

All of the difficulties we are currently experiencing in our economy have been by design, the result of impediments to business and commerce. This can easily be seen in the ongoing political battle over health care, which resulted in passage of the cyclopean socialist health-care bill in 2010. Health-care regulation and ancillary expenses resulting from the efforts of left-aligned trial lawyers brought about high costs, which liberal politicians stepped in to ameliorate with socialized medicine, wholly ignoring market remedies and deregulation, which obviously would have proved self-defeating.

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