Thursday, January 27, 2011

China's nationalist kleptomania ~ By Phil Elmore

The Chinese aren't innovators; they're thieves. They aren't world power; they're a world bully. They aren't an expanding economy; they're a slave-labor command market. They aren't a rival; they're a military and socio-political opponent with a long history of enmity to every ideal held by right-thinking Americans.
After reading what Phil Elmore has to say about China, and how they have gotten to where they are now, we should pray that our "leaders" begin leading our country back to prosperity and respect in the world. Okay, maybe that should be: let's pray that our prayers will at last be answered after the 2012 election. According to the facts that Phil has presented to us here, it seems doubtful that the current administration will quit bending over to the ChiComs.

China's nationalist kleptomania
By Phil Elmore

January 27, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

It's been difficult to be a proud American over the last several days. When U.S. citizens weren't hammered by the incessant media drumbeat concerning the rise of "rival" China, the expansion of the Chinese economy, the seemingly imminent global supremacy of China as a military power, a sea power, a manufacturing power, a superpower, we were watching the Chinese humiliate our leaders. President Obama gave his State of the Union address recently, which served as a line break at the end of this degrading paragraph in national history. He spent that address lying to the American people, proclaiming all income and endeavor the property of government. His message was clear: You will be allowed to earn, to make, to keep and to do only what your government grudgingly permits you – and America, in turn, will make do with the crumbs from its new Chinese masters' table.

The last straw, at least in terms of propriety, was the playing of an anti-American war anthem by a Chinese pianist during the state visit of Chinese "President" Hu Jintao. (Hu is more accurately termed China's "paramount leader." As general secretary of the Communist Party, he is the ChiCom's highest authority; calling him "president" is euphemistic.) Americans have by now become accustomed to Obama's sniveling obeisance to foreign leaders. It was not a surprise when our community organizer in chief bowed and scraped in greeting Hu, nor was it a shock when Obama claimed the American people "welcome China's rise." There was no doubt in any observer's mind that Obama's warm greeting to Hu was that of a cowed debtor attempting to curry favor with his chief creditor. China owns vast quantities of U.S. debt precisely because this gives it power over us – and it is pushing for the Chinese yuan to replace the U.S. dollar as the world's currency standard.

Americans know all this. No, what bothered decent people most was not that the Chinese leader had deigned to make his presence known so that Obama could kiss Hu Jintao's ring. It was that the Chinese delegates' histrionics were, essentially, rudely rubbing our noses in China's looming threat to American exceptionalism. As their red star rises, our faded stars and stripes are doomed to fall. China, so dynamic, so vibrant, so powerful, seems poised to crush all resistance; Americans are, our media says or implies, already relegated to the position of also-ran, destined to be pitied or tolerated as global economic opportunity passes them by. That is the mantra chanted by foreign press and domestic media alike.

The truth is that China has, at every turn, achieved its position in the world through theft, espionage and murder. Totalitarian states are notoriously unresponsive to their subjects' true needs, legitimate dissent or individual rights. They do, however, get things done.


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