Monday, May 24, 2010

Left acts to shut down talk radio ~ By Roger Hedgecock

"Debate, dissent, disagreement – it's just so distracting." Oh, of course, that would be something that the commie in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, would say, right? Or wait, you mean that there are people that would say this in America where we have the 1st Amendment? Tell me it ain't so! Unfortunately, Roger can't tell me that, because in this column he tells us about a few loud mouth loony lefties in this country that think that way. Scary stuff. Just sayin'...
Talk radio informs and drives the debate in this country like no other part of American media, particularly now that radio and the Internet have begun to merge.

Is this a threat to "The Party Line is the Truth" crowd? In Sarah Palin's immortal words, "You betcha!"

As the tea-party movement has shown, if the left wants to fall back on its bully boy ways to intimidate radio stations, supporters will turn out in far larger numbers to protect and defend talk radio's right to exist.

By Roger Hedgecock

Posted: May 24, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Since early 2008, with the failure of leftist competitor Air America, the left has been scheming to shut down conservative talk radio – the only part of American media not dominated by the left. It's all in the name of "fairness," of course.

The Obama "transformation of America" has been slowed and, in some cases, derailed by talk radio-driven discussions, debate and demonstrations.

With elections looming that threaten leftist control of the federal government, the scheming is over. The left is taking action.

Citizens for Civility and Accountability in Media, or CCAM, has been formed specifically to pressure radio stations to fire popular conservative talk hosts. First target: Fresno, Calif., talker KMJ (AM and FM).

In the name of CCAM, Les Kimber, former president of the West Coast Black Publishers Association and publisher of the California Advocate newspaper in Fresno, joined by Ellie Bluestein, formerly Raging Grandmas of CodePink, demonstrated outside the studios of KMJ last Thursday demanding that KMJ fire Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other conservative talk hosts for spreading hate and inciting violence.

Kimber charged that "KMJ programming is dominated by ... talk hosts that are anti-government, anti-President Obama ..." He went on to declare that this kind of talk "creates an atmosphere of divisiveness that allows for the real possibility of violence toward elected officials including the president of the United States."

He offered no examples of this connection between critical talk and subsequent violence because there are none to offer – unless you attend one of the lectures given by radical imams.

During the Bush years, criticism and dissent were "patriotic." Today, the left embraces its inner censor.

Bluestein, a lifelong leftist (Hands Off Cuba Committee to CodePink) asserted at the demonstration that "radio stations should be responsible for telling the truth" – only her "truth," of course.

Catching herself playing censor, she quickly added, "I have no problem with a radio station expressing a point of view, but I do not believe a radio station has the right to mislead the public." Heavens no, Ellie. There's only one truth, isn't there? Debate, dissent, disagreement – it's just so distracting.


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