Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clinton plays the eligibility fool ~ By Joseph Farah

My questions is, why is Bill Clinton talking about Obama's birth certificate and eligibility? Does he miss the good old days of when everything was covered up, no matter what it took (remember Vince Foster?)? Just sayin'...
I'm tired of the lies – from people like Clinton to Hawaii officials to press outlets like Politico.

The American people want facts, evidence, proof. The American people deserve no less. What has become of our curiosity, our sense of justice and the rule of law, our reverence for the Constitution?
By Joseph Farah

Posted: May 26, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

What is Bill Clinton talking about when he blames the media for ignoring evidence Barack Obama was born in the U.S.?

He must be talking about WND.

Because. let's face it, nobody else in the media questions the evidence.

According to the always truth-challenged former president, there is simply no question about where Obama was born. He states, falsely of course, that Obama has actually released his birth certificate to the public.

"Hawaii, the state where President Obama was born, has done everything they can to debunk this myth that he wasn't born in America," Clinton said. "They've done everything but blow up his birth certificate, put it in neon lights and hang it on the dome in the Capitol. But 45 percent of registered Republicans still believe that he is serving unconstitutionally."

When Clinton claims Hawaii has "done everything but blow up his birth certificate, put it in neon lights and hang in on the dome of the Capitol," what he really means is that state officials have steadfastly refused to release his birth certificate – not just the long form, but the short form, too. In fact, Hawaii recently passed legislation allowing health department officials to ignore repeated public and media requests for any and all information about Obama's birth. Not exactly the same as blowing up the birth certificate, putting it in neon lights and hanging it on the dome of the Capitol. But, then again, we're talking about Bill Clinton here.

Clinton blames the media for raising questions about Obama's birth. But, again, who in the media has done that?

In fact, much of the reporting of Clinton's defense of Obama's refusal to prove his constitutional eligibility for the presidency propagated absolute falsehoods.

For instance, here's what Politico "reported" as background on the eligibility controversy: "Responding to rumors during the presidential campaign about Obama's place of birth, Hawaii state officials posted his birth certificate online."

Hawaii did no such thing.

In fact, Hawaii has refused to release any documents associated with Obama's birth. Hawaii has even refused to confirm that the certification of live birth released by the Obama campaign in 2008 is an official Hawaii document.


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