Tuesday, January 19, 2010

King, Brown, and Haiti ~ By John Kubicek

From BreakdownofAmerica.com
By John Kubicek January 19, 2010 Like Rush Limbaugh, I have my stack of stuff that I’d love to write about today. There’s the National Holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr., which brings all kinds of things to mind, such as the fact that I think it is WONDERFUL that we have a holiday to celebrate his unfortunately shortened life. We SHOULD have a day to celebrate his contribution to our society, and most appropriately, to honor what he stood for. And then, there is the race for the Senate seat vacated by the late Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy, between Scott Brown, a Republican, and Martha (or is it Marsha?) Coakley, the Democrat. Not too long ago, Coakley was the obvious heir-apparent to become the next Senator for Massachusetts. We’ll know later today, but that doesn’t seem to be a shoe-in any more. Last, but not least, there was the powerful earthquake in Haiti that reduced their largest population center, Port-Au-Prince, to rubble and left dead bodies “littering” the streets. With the news coverage that we see, there should be absolutely no doubt that Haiti is now exemplary of a true Hell on Earth. I told a friend that I didn’t know which of the events I should write about today. The feedback that I received was that the three events could be combined into one piece. And, yes, I believe that can be done here, but give me a minute to get this all together. Whether we are talking about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the vast devastation in Haiti, or Republican Scott Brown coming out of nowhere to challenge the heir-apparent to the Ted Kennedy Senate seat, Democrat Martha Coakley, all are monumental uphill battles to change the way things are. King succeeded in doing what he set out to do. We’ll find out to day if Scott Brown will be successful, or not. And, whether or not Haiti can make it, we may not know for years. And now, we get to the reason all three of these events have a common thread: The fight for FREEDOM. READ FULL STORY >
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