Friday, January 22, 2010

The Democrats' technological thuggery ~ By Phil Elmore

Commentary from WorldNetDaily
Phil Elmore By Phil Elmore Posted: January 21, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2010 Force is technology. It is crude technology, but it is technology nonetheless. Technology is the application of a tool or tools to human effort. This produces a result greater than can be accomplished without the tools used. In the case of naked force, technology could be a clenched fist wielded with intent – or it could be the truncheon in the white knuckles of a Black Panther who is bullying elderly voters. The technology of force can also be thieving, manipulation and intimidation of any democratic or bureaucratic process, in this case as nationally exhibited by the Democratic Party. Force, as misused by the Democrats, is the application of violence, abuse of process, libel, slander, propaganda, theft and a variety of other criminal behaviors to gain and keep, through any means necessary, the power to rule, arrogantly and presumptuously, every miniscule facet of your waking life. Democrats engage in this reprehensible, morally bankrupt, hypocritical behavior even as they breathlessly exclaim that their political opponents mean them harm. The example that springs most readily to mind is the bug-eyed, botox-paralyzed, Medusan visage of Nancy Pelosi as she feigned crocodile tears at the thought of those awful, mean "tea party" people waving imaginary Nazi symbols and somehow implying violence because they dared to oppose the socialization of American health care. Meanwhile, as hand-wringing Democrats engaged in these histrionics, their union thugs were beating protesters in an effort to silence them. A supporter of socialized medicine bullied, assaulted and then bit off the finger of an older man who dared to oppose Obamacare. Supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens attacked Americans opposed to the invasion of their nation. Conservative protesters were pepper-sprayed and beaten by homosexual activists. READ FULL STORY >
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