Friday, January 29, 2010

Eligibility propaganda continues ~ By Joseph Farah

Commentary from WorldNetDaily
Joseph Farah By Joseph Farah Posted: January 29, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2010 When a scientific poll of Californians asked whether Barack Obama was born in the United States, fully one-third of respondents said either no or that they didn't know. How did the press play that story? The Sacramento Bee, Obama boosters to the core, reported that Californians are pretty sure he was born in the U.S. If the poll is accurate, it suggests some 11.5 million residents of the most populous and liberal state in the union still don't know whether Obama is even eligible to be president. Yet, for the Sacramento Bee, the capital voice of the state, the fact that two-thirds of the population thinks he was born in the United States represents something of a mandate. The fact that there are such widespread doubts about Obama's eligibility one year into his administration is something of a scandal, evidence of a total breakdown in our electoral system and proof that many, even in the friendly environs of California, suspect the man occupying the White House is hiding something by not releasing his long-form birth certificate. The headline on the Bee story reads: "Tea-party allies include Obama birth site skeptics." A more accurate headline might be, "Democrats include Obama birth site skeptics," as fully 15 percent of those registered to the president's own party report he they total disbelief that Obama was born in the United States or are not sure. Of course, the Bee goes on to explain, "More than a dozen unsuccessful lawsuits have been filed challenging Obama's assertion -- backed by a birth certificate and other evidence -- that he was born in Hawaii. Birth certificate? What birth certificate? Other evidence? What other evidence? No explanation is offered by the Bee – just these assertions. READ FULL STORY >
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