Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time to kick 'em when they're down ~ By Erik Rush

Commentary from WorldNetDaily
Erik Rush By Erik Rush Posted: January 21, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2010 For better or worse, I can understand why some are deriving an almost obscene degree of enjoyment in witnessing President Barack Obama's political currency spraying the walls like a severed carotid artery. While the results of two gubernatorial elections last fall (which seated Republicans in Virginia and New Jersey) appeared to represent a visit to the woodshed for Democrats, these were counted as an aberration by the party and the establishment press, and thus abandoned as a news item within scant days. Of course, one could not have expected them to do otherwise; the press has evidenced itself as nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Obama administration, and the party is under the complete control of its hard-left leadership and Obama's "kitchen cabinet" – the foremost of which being billionaire pirate financier and former Nazi collaborator George Soros. Now, Republican Scott Brown – a man most Americans had never even heard of two weeks ago – has captured a Senate seat held by Democrats for the last four decades. In deep-blue Massachusetts, of all places. On Jan. 17, when Obama jetted into that state in a bid to salvage Martha Coakley's campaign, the 3,000-plus capacity hall wasn't even full. Many who showed up were devotees who did so just to glimpse the president, like old hippies attending the farewell tour of an aging '60s rock icon – and weren't even Massachusetts residents. One attendee roundly heckled Obama . Very few press outlets disclosed these facts, but the evidence was there on the videotape and in a few correspondent accounts. "Health-care reform," which, as reported, is what Democrats were scrambling to save, represents so much more than a piece of legislation. As Fox News' Neil Cavuto said on Tuesday, "This [health-care reform] is bigger than these guys [the Democrat leadership in Congress]." And how true it is; the health-care reform legislation now in the Senate signifies one of the key vehicles by which the far left intends to cement its power in America for all time. READ FULL STORY >
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