Wednesday, April 08, 2009 ~ American Crew Regains Control of Hijacked Ship

American crew members aboard a U.S.-flagged ship have regained control of the vessel hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia Wednesday, FOX News confirms. Defense Department officials confirmed that one pirate is in custody. A U.S. official said the status of the other pirates is unknown but they were reported to "be in the water."
"All the crew members are trained in security detail in how to deal with piracy," Maersk CEO John Reinhart told reporters. "As merchant vessels we do not carry arms. We have ways to push back, but we do not carry arms." John Harris, CEO of HollowPoint Security Services, which specializes in maritime security, said that the crew's overtaking the pirates could help prevent future hijackings, especially since the military can't be protect the entire high seas. "Any time you can get intel from them, they can give you any kind of significant information, they more than likely will not, but anything we can get will always help us in the future," Harris told FOX News. "Naval vessels ... can't be everywhere at one time, just like law enforcement," he said, noting that the U.S. Navy has been protecting the most vulnerable shipping lanes in the Indian Ocean. [Continue reading]
Note to Somali pirates: Don't tread on us! Our government may be weak and apathetic about solving this problem, but not our AMERICAN PEOPLE! Mess with a U.S.-flagged ship, and you better know how to swim! digg story UPDATE 04/08/09 - 1:03 pm (cst) The AP has broken this story. The Captain of the ship may be in captivity with several pirates that may have escaped. This story is ongoing. More to come. UPDATE 04/08/09 - 01:25 pm (cst) New Fox News story, "U.S. Crew Regain Control of Hijacked Ship, Negotiate Captain's Release":
American crew members aboard a U.S.-flagged ship hijacked by Somali pirates Wednesday were able to regain control of the vessel, but a crew member says the ship's captain is still being held hostage.

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