Monday, May 16, 2011

It's time for frankness, not civility ~ By Erik Rush

Before you begin reading Erik's column and my commentary, please understand that I had planned to post this column on Friday morning. However, I had an unexpected delay. There was a slight little problem. It wasn't just because it was Friday the 13th... (was it?) No, it was part of the downtime that Blogger experienced that began with service issues following their maintenance project on Thursday, May 12.

To put it simply, the ability to start or edit blog posts was not available during that time. I was unable to start working on this post for my entire work day on Friday because of the downtime. And then when everything started working again - finally - I had too many other distractions that prevented me from getting this post done.

Well, here it is, at last. Are you ready for this?

The clear and present danger, as it were, is the one represented by those who have been wholly taken in by the con men, rather than the power players themselves: Union members, certain minority groups, as well as a few fringe special interests. Like the Russian, Chinese and Cuban workers, these believe that their kind, wise benefactors will usher in a new "worker's paradise."

Well, I don't think that the majority of Americans will suffer such fools gladly, not in the long term. Nor is there anything in our Constitution that says they have to.

Back in March, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan warned the president that "America will be bathed in blood" if Obama does not check his course, "because the American people are rising against their own government." And indeed, the civil war with which this administration is flirting would be far uglier than the last, because the battle lines will be drawn demographically, rather than geographically.

Yes, I am very aware that embedding a video like that above is very wrong. However, I only did it for symbolic purposes, to illustrate a point: Whatever conservatives say about President Barack Hussein Obama will be DEMONIZED!

For those of us that are going to follow Erik's advice, we're aware of what we'll be faced with. In the last column that I posted, Robert Ringer talked about the "normalcy bias." In my commentary on that column, I explained that when we tell people that Obama is Marxist, "I can see the facial expressions loudly portraying that they want to smack me in the head to get me back to reality. Eyebrows go up, eyes roll back."

Really? That's all that will happen? It really isn't. I failed to mention that to be up front with people, and let them know about Obama's evil agenda for this country, there could be detrimental affects on your social life, your career, and possibly even for you and your family's safety. It didn't really hit me until after I read this column by Erik the day after Robert's column came out. The pressure to keep you silent won't just come from government goons coming after you. They have other ways to "encourage" you to keep your mouth shut.

And then there is Mike Huckabee, who just announced that he won't be running for President. I think Mike understood that to win the election in 2012 would necessarily involve exposing Obama's evil socialist agenda. It wasn't in his heart. I'm just sayin'...

It's time for frankness, not civility

By Erik Rush

May 12, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

On May Day, Marxist-socialist pukes the world over held festivities commemorating International Workers' Day, the bastardization of what used to be a generic Spring holiday in many cultures, this being the first day of May. It may surprise the reader to know that the usurped version is celebrated in more than 80 countries at present.

Then again, it may not. …

This May 1, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) co-sponsored a rally in Los Angeles, one many interpreted as part of the ongoing effort on the part of radicals to normalize communism and Marxist thought in America. Even well-intentioned, politically active liberals and independent voters still giggle at the inference of a communist infiltration in America – let alone one that has installed a Marxist government and affiliated organizations into power.

Yet, there is so much evidence in confirmation of this that I haven't the space to enumerate it here.

Over the last few days, conservative pundits have been up in arms over the sociopathic rapper Common being invited to the White House by first lady Michelle Obama for a so-called celebration of American poetry. While this ought not be surprising (since the Obamas are, ideologically, part of the gang that celebrated the foul-mouthed "poet" and 9/11 truther Amiri Baraka being named Poet Laureate of the state of New Jersey in 2002, forever neutralizing the significance of that honor), it is indicative of the first couple's willingness to sully every feature of the White House, physical and symbolic. It also illustrates the extent to which political correctness and leftist intimidation have come to influence nearly all Americans.

What I mean by this is that public outrage over any number of offenses committed by this administration engender whispers of discontent, when they should elicit roars of derision. One Fox News commentator habitually refers to the president as a "far-left guy," while another asks his guests if they think Barack Obama "might be" a socialist.

With what is at stake in this nation, we simply cannot afford the civility and decorum we would like to practice. This tendency of ours has been capitalized upon by the left, and it is but one more of the virtues they are turning against us. I have no problem whatever in stating that Common is a brainless, ghetto idiot, this being in part a pathetic affectation itself, since he was raised by professional, educated people.


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