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Is Obama really in over his head? ~ By Robert Ringer

Warning: Do not lose sight of the fact that if Republicans make the mistake of selecting a candidate who is nothing more than a progressive in conservative's clothing, even if he defeats Chairman Obama, America will still continue to move toward a collectivist, authoritarian society – just at a slower pace, and thus far less noticeable to millions of anesthetized voters.

It's important to give Obama the boot, but it's just as important to replace him with a true conservative – or, better yet, a true libertarian-centered conservative. If Republicans are foolish enough to select as their presidential candidate another "compassionate conservative" who insists that "in government, you never get everything you want," we're all going to end up getting the government they deserve.

Keep this in mind when the hoopla starts over the new crop of Republicans candidates, lest a John McCain think-alike sneaks in again – in which case we'd probably be better off to just let BHO go ahead and finish off the job quickly.

There are many times when I am telling people about the columns I've recently read that explains how Barack Obama is a communist (I thank the courage of Victoria Jackson for putting it that way), and I can see the facial expressions loudly portraying that they want to smack me in the head to get me back to reality. Eyebrows go up, eyes roll back. They don't want to hear it. It isn't within their "normalcy bias," which Robert explains as "a mental state that stops people from taking seriously the possibility of a crisis that is outside their normal, day-to-day experience."

Well, folks, as you will learn in this column, there are a lot of things that Barack Obama has done, and is doing, that fall far from normalcy. But, the liberal mainstream media counts on you not wanting to pay attention to those things. And they can count on it, because the mainstream media helped to make us this way! Just keep in mind what has been done to us. It isn't just a matter that people AREN'T paying attention, but that they DON'T WANT TO pay attention! There's a slight difference, don't you think?

Thank God for the New Media. It is getting people to think outside of the box like never before. Yes, some of it is kind of a brutal blow to the "normalcy bias," but that is a good thing. The truth will set us free!

So, if you think this column knocks it out of Normalcy Bias Park, wait until you see what I have planned to add to my blogs in the next few days! What I have to tell you may seem way out on the fringe. Except for one thing: The fringe is where the fans sit in the ballparks - in the outfield bleachers - around this great country; and they know that when their team hits one out to them, and it isn't a foul ball, it may help their team win. I'm just sayin'...

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Is Obama really in over his head?

By Robert Ringer

May 06, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Putting the Osama bin Laden circus on the back burner for now, I wish Republicans would stop saying that Barack Obama is not serious about the budget deficit. It's simply not true. He's very serious about it. In fact, he is determined to increase it to the point that it brings about a total collapse of the U.S. economy.

Destroying capitalism in the United States is a "dream" Obama got from his now-deceased father – the alcoholic polygamist and communist from Kenya who once touted the idea of a 100 percent income tax.

The conventional wisdom of the conservative media is that "Obama is in over his head." Whenever I hear this – which is pretty much every day – I wonder what planet these guys are living on. Do they read? Have they researched his background at all? Are they not just a bit suspicious about his ongoing associations with anti-capitalist radicals?

Do they believe that the nonstop lies, the childish, nasty smear tactics and the smart-aleck lectures this make-believe president continually engages in are simply business-as-usual political theater? When I say smart-aleck, I'm talking about a guy who:
  • calls raising taxes on the rich a "spending cut";
  • talks about the "extension of the Bush tax cuts" as though the money people are allowed to keep really belongs to the government;
  • wants to appoint a commission to investigate oil and gas speculators when he knows full well that the main reason for escalating oil prices is the decline of the dollar – caused by his own class-warfare spending agenda!
  • says that "we have to stop playing politics with the deficit" even as he applies ever-larger doses of politic gamesmanship to the subject;
  • Continues to cavalierly state that, thanks to his "stimulus plan," the United States "escaped a bullet" and is "now recovering";
       … ad nauseam.

As to the infamous recovery the media also continually allude to, forget about it. It's an illusion. We are, and have been for decades, in an invisible depression made possible by monetary inflation, easy credit and artificially high wages.

It's time to get real and admit that Obama is not just another ultra-liberal president cut in the mold of Bill Clinton. It's time to stop tiptoeing. It's time to say it: We have a Marxist in the White House! Say it out loud. Say it clearly. Say it with conviction: Marxist.


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