Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear skeptics and critics ... ~ By Herman Cain

I realize that the road to the nomination and the White House is long and difficult. I know we will encounter many new challenges along the way and that many people see my chances as against the odds.

When one considers that I am up against the skeptics, the critics, the establishment, the Democrats, the liberals, gotcha journalism, a liberal-leaning mainstream media, the challenges of raising campaign funds and a host of other candidates seeking the same objectives, my candidacy is against the odds.

But then, that's been the story of my life and my career.

Maybe my middle name should have been David. He defeated a giant against the odds.

I am so totally pumped about Herman Cain! He has a major amount of courage that I've not seen in a Republican candidate for a long, long, time. Since the Reagan years, there really hasn't been a Republican ticket that was able to get me excited.

Sure, I was thrilled with George W. Bush, but he was all we had. Unfortunately, "W" disenfranchised many of the most Conservative among us Republicans by the time his term was over. TARP and immigration policy, along with the Ramos and Compean Border Patrol agents that never should have been prosecuted, were policies that were very discouraging for me and many of my fellow Conservatives.

Let me explain my opening statement about finally having a man with courage running for the GOP nomination. There is no doubt in my mind that Herman answers some of the questions on the minds of many when it comes to what some Conservative pundits have said recently. The rap on Herman is his lack of government experience and lack of name recognition. Those things were supposedly Herman Cain's major weaknesses. When you read this column, you'll find that Herman addresses those questions with great ease. Not only does he answer those questions, he actually turns those lemons into lemonade.

When I hear the pundits say there is nothing that is exciting about the current field of potential Republican candidates, they are making a huge mistake. Really, I'd much rather hear them saying that it's hard to choose amongst the strong talent that is taking on the challenge to beat the current incumbent! I can't believe that they are trying to throw another election! What's wrong with them? And do you really want to listen to the establishment that ended up giving us John McCain?

My commentary here with this column is based on what I wrote in a note on my facebook page last Saturday, May 28: "Don't bash the other GOP candidates! (However, Trump Trashing is allowed.)" How about if we just try to lift up any of the GOP candidates even if they are rivals of our favorites that we support?  In other words, I'd be the first to admit that a Palin/Cain ticket would work for me!

Republicans should want somebody that has it in his or her heart to WIN. Obama needs to be defeated in 2012. So, let's get serious about backing a candidate that could not only win the election, but also win the hearts of the American people. We have a lot of work to do. We need to restore the hopes and dreams of Americans if we are going to pull out of this funk that we've been experiencing. Did you hear that the housing market is getting worse? We need to get the confidence of the American people back up. That's what it will take to get the economy back in gear! And I think that gutsy Herman Cain guy is one that can do that. Just watch his latest video!

Video provided by thehermancain on May 30, 2011

Can you get excited about this man? Yes you Cain! Herman has emerged! Enough, already! I'm just sayin'...

Dear skeptics and critics ...

By Herman Cain

May 30, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Wow! I must be causing some people quite a concern as a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. The establishment skeptics are still stuck in the traditional campaign paradigm of immediate name ID, lots of money and experience in a worthy elective office. The critics are pounding on what they perceive as my weaknesses. And the Democratic National Committee now has me on its radar and is sharpening its blades for a Cain attack.

No one is more emblematic of the Republican establishment than Karl Rove. He has an unmatched political record from his tenure with former president George W. Bush. I greatly respect and admire what he has accomplished in his career.

But I would suggest that he take a few minutes to review my record as a leader in business and as a problem solver before he dismisses me as the radio talk-show guy from Atlanta with not much to offer as a presidential candidate. Mr. Rove's perspective also suggests that successful business skills are not applicable to changing the "Titanic" course our federal government is on.

People outside the political establishment are starting to recognize that those business skills are applicable. Maybe that's why Cain is rising in the polls.

One of my favorite political commentators, Charles Krauthammer of Fox News, described my candidacy as entertainment. I enjoy his perspectives because he is usually very thoughtful and often correct in his analysis. Unfortunately, this time he got it wrong. Some people would describe being able to give an informative and inspiring speech as an asset, especially if one is running for president.


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