Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Don't let China pass us up! ~ By Herman Cain

Yes, these are aggressive proposals. It's going to take aggressive leadership in the White House to get it done. It won't be easy. But I don't avoid doing what's right just because it's going to be difficult to achieve. That's not in my DNA.

We can outgrow China because the U.S. is not a loser nation. We just need a winner in the White House. It can happen in 2012.

When the people understand it, they will demand it.

Class is in session!

There was a very complex thought process that went into when I would post this column. Decisions had to be made, and I made them. I had to consider all of the options. Nobody, but nobody - except me, of course - could understand the complete mosaic of possible outcomes...

Never mind. It was just a parody of that historic announcement by the President last Sunday night. If you haven't listened to any radio talk shows in the last few days, you wouldn't understand.

But the whole point was, I was afraid that if I had posted this column by Herman Cain any sooner, it wouldn't receive the full attention it deserves. We just had a welcome diversion from the sad news about our economy and quickly rising gas prices. But I think that it will not be long before people start thinking about the economic news again. It will only take a visit to the gas station to fill your tank, and the cheery thoughts of UBL's body dropping into cold dark waters will dissipate.

So, here comes Herman Cain, writing an excellent column for WND, and it gets no attention. The good news is, Herman's concepts of how to help our economy are not static. These are ideas that could only take place with a different person occupying the Oval Office, and the end of Harry Reid's reign over the U.S. Senate.

Now, class, pay attention, and grasp what Herman Cain would like this country to do. Read this column. It's not just about staying ahead of China. It is about lifting up our country, our spirit, our desire to keep this country free for our grandchildren.

It's really refreshing to know that there is a potential candidate to lead this country back to prosperity with common sense solutions. It's about time that somebody came out with gutsy plans to keep America strong. It has been too long since Ronald Reagan. I'm just sayin'...

Don't let China pass us up!

By Herman Cain

May 02, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Many economists have estimated that if China's Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, continues to grow at approximately 10 percent annually, and the United States continues to grow at its anemic rate of 2.5 percent or less, then China's GDP will be bigger than ours in 15 to 20 years.

Last week, the International Monetary Fund released an analysis showing that if the differences in exchange rates between the two countries are factored out (purchasing power parity), then China will surpass the U.S. in economic strength in less than five years!

Neither of these observations sets well with the American psyche, and losing our economic dominance in the world is not who we are. But more importantly, China's economic dominance would represent a national security threat to the U.S., and possibly to the rest of the world.

Look at the facts. China has a billion more people than we do. It aspires to have a greater military might than we do. It currently holds more than 25 percent of our national debt. And it has a different view of human rights and how to maintain peace in the world.

It would be naïve to think that China would not be tempted to flex its worldly might if it were bigger than us economically and militarily. And it would be equally naïve to think we could influence their actions on currency or anything else with diplomacy or two verses of "Kumbaya."

Appeasement is not a strategy. As Ronald Reagan proved, strength is the strategy. Both the Bush and Obama administrations have shown that appeasement just buys the Chinese more time to talk until they can equal us in size and might.

Our China strategy should be two simple words: Outgrow them!


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