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Herman Cain shines in debate ~ By Joseph Farah

I think Herman Cain scored a tremendous victory in his long-shot campaign for the presidency by going toe to toe with these seasoned politicians and outshining them all.

I'm sure many other Americans are feeling good about the fact that there is at least one exciting candidate in the Republican field already.
Last July, I wrote, "In my humble opinion? This is the guy! He IS the worst nightmare that Obama could ever have!" I've been excited about this guy as a potential GOP candidate for a long time! And so is Joseph Farah, which wouldn't ever surprise me. Joseph was one of the first to let us know that Herman Cain would be a great candidate for the GOP nomination. And it was Joseph, last July, that discussed the things about Herman Cain that inspired me:
Herman Cain is another name to add to the list.

It's a long way between now and 2012. But listening to a man like this gives me hope. He's inspirational, and we desperately need inspiration. He's fiery, and we desperately need that passion. He's experienced, beyond the experience one gets playing politics through adulthood.

I don't know about you, but I get excited thinking about the possibilities for 2012. People like Herman Cain need our encouragement and our prayers.
But somebody had beaten Joseph Farah to the punch: From his own staff! There was a column by Chelsea Schilling on WND that actually appeared three days before Joseph Farah's commentary. It was actually Chelsea who wrote the story saying that Herman Cain was contemplating a run for President in 2012:
Cain, a devout Christian, emphasized he is "prayerfully considering" a 2012 bid for the GOP nomination.

"I'm a man of faith, and I do believe in prayerful consideration of something this big," he explained.
Well, as Joseph wrote in this column, "I'm sure many other Americans are feeling good about the fact that there is at least one exciting candidate in the Republican field already."

Let me add another ingredient to what Joseph said: Herman is a candidate to seriously consider! One of the factors that made Herman the leader of my field of potential GOP candidates was his involvement with the Tea Party Movement. I already knew who Herman was. I had heard some of his speeches. Impressive!

Don't just take Joseph Farah's word for it. Don't even take my word for it! Do your own homework, and find out who Herman Cain is. And I'm sure that Joseph Farah is just as biased in favor of Herman as am
I! I do have a feeling that people involved with the Tea Parties across America will have mutual feelings. But I'm just sayin'....

Here are a couple of video clips provided by Fox News from the debate (just to prove the point!):

Herman Cain shines in debate

By Joseph Farah

May 07, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Herman Cain
I watched the South Carolina Republican presidential debate Thursday, and I thought Herman Cain won hands down.

But I was tickled by the fact that virtually the entire focus group assembled by GOP pollster Frank Luntz agreed with my assessment.

Why did he win?

Because he has strong convictions and knows how to articulate them.

He didn't just win the debate – he blew the competition away.

And I have more news for you. I know Herman Cain personally. I've seen him in many other venues. I've heard him speak many times. This may come as a shock to the rest of the Republican presidential cast, but Herman Cain was not even at his best Thursday night.

It took him a while to warm up.

It must be a little intimidating to find yourself on national television for the first time debating as a presidential candidate. Knowing Herman Cain, I suspect that actually meant something to him. He's not an actor playing a presidential candidate. He's the real deal, motivated to action only, I suspect, by his deep love of country, not mere ambition.

So what am I saying here?

Am I saying I have found my presidential candidate to oppose Barack Obama's re-election in 2012?

Well, I've found at least one entirely acceptable to me. I will keep an open mind on some of the others.

But I like Herman Cain. I haven't found anything to dislike about him. He's charming, charismatic, bold, funny and principled.

What's not to like about that?


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