Saturday, December 11, 2010

WikiLeaks sparks revolution ~ By Larry Klayman

Just in case you haven't yet, you need to read the two columns I have listed just below under RELATED COLUMNS. One of the things written by Klayman in the previous column, "WikiLeaks has done the world a service", is very relevant to this column and also the column by Diana West, which I will quote here:
And if Assange and WikiLeaks, who serve as media watchdogs in effect, are silenced by the "mullah in chief" Barack Hussein Obama, Czarina Hillary Clinton and the rest of their sympathetic establishment political hacks, who is next; Fox News?
And then, in this piece, Larry Klayman brings up the possibility that this is the beginning of something that chills me to the bone, given what Glenn Beck had discussed on his radio show yesterday (Dec. 10) morning:
While I prayed that it would not get to this, it is clear that we are already in the early stages of an eventual full-scale revolution. Will the government establishment pull back, start acting in the interests of ordinary Americans rather than just itself, and avert this potential disaster? While that is the question of the day, I am not hopeful from what I have seen recently from both political parties.
In watching Fox News in the last two days, I saw what Larry may have been seeing recently, which is a lot of what Glenn Beck had been discussing on that show I mentioned above. The following video is from several segments that was on Fox News on Thursday, Dec. 9:

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k

In the mean time, we will pray that Larry Klayman and Glenn Beck are wrong. But, ignoring these events may be at your peril.

WikiLeaks has done the world a service ~ By Larry Klayman
WikiLeaks spurs Big Brother to strike ~ By Diana West

WikiLeaks sparks revolution

By Larry Klayman

December 11, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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This week marked a milestone in our nation's history – and the American people smell a rat. "Washington, D.C.," is not only rotten to the core, it is now clear to all that the government establishment wants to destroy us. The revolution has finally begun.

Last week's column was about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, the media watchdogs who released on the Internet over 250,000 pages of allegedly classified State Department documents exposing the rank deceit, corruption and stupidity in our foreign-policy establishment. Despite condemnation of Assange by even political commentators on the right – one incredibly calling for his assassination – conservative, libertarians and all of the other readers of my column responded in unison, agreeing that I am "right"; WikiLeaks did the world a service, and government threats to prosecute Assange are not only just another example of the establishment not liking to be exposed in the light of day but are also abhorrent.

However, the threats by Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Hussein Obama, himself, were just Round 1. This week, on what are likely to turn out to be trumped-up charges that Assange engaged in "unprotected sex" with two women who just happened to wander into his bed (no, this is regrettably not a Hollywood comedy), the Obama administration put Interpol up to arresting Assange in Great Britain – where he had been hiding – using Swedish law as the vehicle. He was taken into custody not because there was "probable cause" that he had committed any crime or even civil offense, but because he would not agree to questioning – which under American law, at least, he did not have to do thanks to our "Fifth Amendment" right against self incrimination. So the Obama administration put up British authorities to use Swedish law to arrest Assange using as a pretext his refusal to incriminate himself, since our legal system will not allow for this.

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