Monday, December 13, 2010

'A' is for anarchy ~ By Barbara Simpson

In her column this week, Barbara brings up the arrest of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks for alleged sex-crimes in Sweden, and how the door is still open for charges from the United States, though it would probably for espionage, rather than Treason as she mentioned in her column last week. However, the key word in this column is anarchy. As you will read in the excerpted portion below, Barbara mentions this about the similarities between Assange and the violence in London:
Both can bring down the establishment – which is exactly the point of anarchy. And it's exactly the goal of Julian Assange.
Hey, whether they get Julian Assange for treason or espionage, either crime can carry the death penalty, and Assange could still "face the ultimate punishment."

'A' is for anarchy

By Barbara Simpson

December 13, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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There are many who consider Wikileaks "the knight in shining armor," riding in on a white horse to save the world from the evils of modern civilization, politics as usual, government, politicians, big business, profits, capitalism, democracy and freedom.

So whether or not Assange faces other charges, he's opened the door to hackers worldwide who consider themselves saviors of the world from the evil corruption of life as usual.

On the other hand, some might call it anarchy.

That would be an apt description.

The only difference between the chaos caused by WikiLeaks' document dumps of classified documents and the violence in London by the so-called students allegedly protesting higher tuition is that the Brits are actually destroying and burning property.

Both involve destruction; it's just a matter of degree and type. Both can bring down the establishment – which is exactly the point of anarchy. And it's exactly the goal of Julian Assange. He knows what he's doing and has no intention of stopping because he's so narcissistic that he knows he's right.

But there's that little issue of espionage, and, like it or not, it appears that the U.S. Justice Department is about to pursue such charges against him. The Espionage Act would apply because such release of documents has put the security of the United States and all Americans at great risk. That he is an Australian citizen has nothing to do with it. Assange would have to stop the document release and return documents to the government. If he were to destroy them, he could face the death penalty.

While young hackers see themselves as heroes, they're playing with the very security of the free world. Julian Assange has unleashed a whirlwind of disaster in which the ultimate outcome isn't known. He needs to be charged and face the ultimate punishment.

As I said last week, there is justice in a firing squad.

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