Monday, December 06, 2010

The no-questions, no-proof media ~ By Joseph Farah

Finding that it isn't just the Eastern establishment media that is attacking those that question Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility to be President, Joseph Farah writes about a Texan editorial page editor, John Kanelis, and his negative column about a Texas state legislator, Republican Leo Berman. It was bad enough when Rep. Leo Berman was ridiculed by CNN's Anderson Cooper. Joseph Farah discovered the fact that John Kanelis used the usual liberal strategy of invoking the race card against Rep. Berman:
"And it's fair to ask: Is this question solely a function of the fact that Barack Obama is the first black man to hold the office of president?" states Kanelis.
"No, it's not fair to ask," wrote Farah, who goes on to assert, "What would be fair to ask is why John McCain had to prove his eligibility when legitimate questions were raised, but Obama continues to get a free ride from the no-question, no-proof media."

Big Media dig in on eligibility ~ By Joseph Farah
'American people' have spoken? ~ By John Kanelis

The no-questions, no-proof media

By Joseph Farah

December 04, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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The news media are still at it.

They are still suggesting we should take Barack Obama at his word about his background and personal history – even though virtually everything he has told the American people has proven false under scrutiny.

And it's not just the Big Media in New York and Washington that ridicule anyone who dares ask a tough question or suggests we actually should enforce the law of the land and demand proof of Obama's claims. It's the regional and local media that are often just as guilty.

Take for example a recent column by the editorial page editor of the Amarillo Globe-News – John Kanelis.

He is attacking Texas legislator Leo Berman for introducing a bill that would do something highly commendable – ensure that future presidential candidates prove constitutional eligibility for office before getting on the state ballot. You might think this is a no-brainer. You might think such safeguards already exist. You might ask, "How can anyone argue with such a common-sense measure?"

Meet John Kanelis – watchdog not of the people's interests, but of Obama's self-interest.


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