Thursday, December 02, 2010

Special Announcement

Special Announcement

If you have been a reader of "johnny2k's Blogging in Our Time 2 Escape" over the last year, you may notice a change in the way I will be posting the columns here. I have strayed too far from my original intent of this blog, and decided to go back to the beginning. Yesterday (01-DEC-10), I wrote a tweet that says, "In the next day or 2, I'll be making an announcement regarding my johnny2k blogs and a decision I've made. Not the end. It's the beginning!" This is that announcement.

I realized that several things were happening that were disturbing to me. I discovered that I was in a rut, and it was a trend that needed to be reversed immediately.

The original intent of this blog was to help people find other great bloggers with their own commentaries and stories to tell.  It was meant to be a service for the enjoyment of the visitors to this blog, along with a little promotion for the other authors/bloggers, blogs, and news sites.  I had somehow shifted the focus from that mission to spending way too much time on... well, me! MY commentary was taking over.  Talking about defeating the entire purpose of this blog!

It was just the other day, and I was looking at my Blog Archive for this blog. I noticed a very bad trend. The number of blogs per month were drastically declining, month after month. At first, it was only because I was spending more time on adding the links from the columns, formatting for the appearance of text and background colors, and adding pictures and videos. But it was when last Spring I started spending more and more time writing my own commentary about the columns when it all started going down hill. It got to the point this Fall when there were times that I would be suffering from writer's block, and I wouldn't get anything written over a period of hours, sometimes days.

More importantly, I was using so much of the original content of the columns that I'm surprised I never got sued for copyrights violations! I will now be using no more than two or three paragraphs, depending on the length of the paragraphs, to highlight the overall gist of the column. I will continue with generally the same color schemes for background and font colors.  You will be directed to the full story with links, where you will be able to read the complete column for yourself. Again, that was my original intent, to get other great columnists, bloggers and authors the attention and the page views that they deserve for their own hard work.

Will you be missing my musings? If you are looking for that here on Time 2 Escape, you will. However, I will return to doing my writing at johnny2k Is Home, where my columns had normally been posted in the past. I hope to be able to increase the number of posts on this blog, while actually spending much less time doing so, and thus have more time to write for my johnny2k Is Home blog.

Yep, sometimes it is best to go back to square one when things are not working!  Now, if our leaders in Washington would just go back to the Constitution, maybe our country would be much better off, too! Just sayin'... (and that will be the last time you will read, "Just sayin'..." on this venue!)

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  1. So you are closing the forum;" Blogging in Our Time 2 Escape?"
    You have done a good job but, I do agree with you that you should go back to what your original vision was..God bless you as you regroup and continue on..

  2. Gerri, no, I'm not closing "Time 2 Escape." What I was saying is that it will go back to a short summary of the columns I am blogging about, without my additional commentary on this blog. I hope to actually increase the number of posts to this blog by doing that.


  3. I know what you mean, JY2K. I've tried the same thing with TRP - to bring in other writers and make the site more of a collaboration - and have limited success with it. The submissions I've gotten are top notch, though!

    Although I have to admit that I like your commentary, using videos to illustrate your points, more so than the articles you link to. Not to knock the writers, who are excellent, but I like you spin on their stuff.