Monday, December 06, 2010

It's treason, with a capital 'T' ~ By Barbara Simpson

You surely will have no doubt where Barbara stands on the issue of what to do with Julian Assange after you've read this column! In another column that I posted just before this one, reported that Julian Assange may have been selling classified documents. To whom, we do not know - yet - but that story definitely reinforces Barbara's argument that Julian Assange and Pfc. Bradley Manning should be tried for TREASON, and if found guilty, face a firing squad as traitors.


WikiLeaks sold classified intel, claims website's co-founder

Watch the following video starting at 4:38. It supports Barbara's contention that "We've got to show some guts and stop being intimidated my international slime and homegrown cowardice and sleaze.":

Not fearing the guy with a laptop and $35 website is REALLY cheap spin

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k

It's treason, with a capital 'T'
By Barbara Simpson

December 06, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

WikiLeaks. It sounds like a new video game – aimed at prepubescent males.

It sounds like a rip-off of Wikipedia – an Internet, do it yourself, history of everything, but without verification.

WikiLeaks isn't any of that. It's the intentional release online of hundreds of thousands of highly classified government and military documents.

The name is a play on words – but it's neither a game nor a joke.

The release of those secret documents has worldwide security ramifications. Government informants are in danger, sources of information are lost, the enemy knows many of our plans and intentions and diplomats have seen their most private comments and assessments splashed across front pages.

While some regard the document dumps as merely spitting in the eye of the United States government, diplomacy and the military, what Julian Assange has done through his now notorious website is betray the United States, our State Department, military and our allies across the world.

The most recent documents posted contained personal comments among world leaders about each other, many of which were catty and personally demeaning. Others revealed information and contacts between diplomats never intended to be public. Some were innocuous; others were critical.

What WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have done is treason, and that also applies to American Pfc. Bradley Manning who stole documents and provided them to Assange. He clearly sold out the military, our country and our allies.
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