Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are 'black hats' genetically defective? ~ By Henry Lamb

In this column, Henry Lamb explains the liberal/progressive ideology. But the question then becomes: What could possibly cause people to be liberals or progressives? Is it a genetic defect?
"Black hats" may not be bad people; they may just have a genetic defect that prevents them from understanding that they are no better than the "white hats." They may be incapable of understanding that their ideas could be wrong. They may not have the ability to weigh the pros and cons of a proposal. They seem to possess only the desire to prevail, whatever the cost, regardless of how stupid the proposal may be.

The world has always had "black hats" and always will. The nation should, as a collective New Year's resolution, resolve to pity the "black hats," and by all means, to keep them out of government.

Are 'black hats' genetically defective?

By Henry Lamb

December 18, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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Some people believe they have a right to take what another has earned. Another distinguishing characteristic of this group is their eagerness to dictate the behavior of others. These people are called progressives, socialists, communists, dictators, kings and sometimes gangsters. We'll refer to these people as "black hats."

The rest of the world knows inherently that it is morally wrong to take anything from another without their permission. They also know that they have no right to direct the affairs of other people. Their unspoken motto is: "Any right that I claim for myself, I will gladly grant to all others." We'll refer to these people as "white hats."

Washington is full of both, but since they rarely wear a hat, it is hard to identify them until they open their mouth, or vote.

Consider this scenario: A man is born into this world with nothing. He works hard and becomes a gazillionaire, paying a healthy tax on every penny he earns all his life. Then he dies. One group says his estate must pay 35 percent to the government; another group says, no, his estate must pay 55 percent. These are the "black hats," regardless of the political party they profess.

Another group says: His estate should pay nothing. There is no moral reason why the estate owes the government another dime. Taxes were paid at the time the person earned his fortune. Why do the "black hats" believe they have a right to take what another has earned?


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