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Funniest news stories of 2010 ~ By Joe Kovacs

There are times when we need to take things a little less seriously for a change. Joe Kovacs brings us some very bizarre news of 2010, with a lot of help from Barack Obama, Glenn Beck, and a story about true anthropogenic global warming which of course can only be caused by human flatulence... I can just hear Media Matters' shrill shrieking now!

Be sure to read the full story, as there are many more funny (or should that be "weird"?) news stories that will keep you busy reading and watching videos and of course, laughing!!

Funniest news stories of 2010

By Joe Kovacs

December 26, 2010 ~ 6:55 pm Eastern

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Greetings everyone, and welcome to another edition of the news you wish were the news every single day of the year.

I have to admit that 2010 has kind of a dark theme to some of the funniest events, especially concerning President Obama and his personal plague of vermin.

I mean, come on. Have we ever seen a commander in chief with such a magnetic attraction for flies, bees and rats?

White House buzz

Let's start with the fly that just couldn't seem to get enough of Mr. Obama. During a speech by the president June 22, this single insect found Obama's words so enthralling, it just had to become one with the face of "the One."

In fact, despite the president's best efforts to shoo the fly away, the pest made a succesful landing on Obama's face, prompting many websites to dub him "Lord of the Flies."

"Lord of the Flies"
Radio and TV host Glenn Beck remarked: "Does he have nerve endings in his face? Seriously, have you ever had a fly walk across your face and you left it there?"

Now that we know Obama's not a no-fly zone, it's also strange to recall how a swarm of bees delayed his important court business on a basketball court.

According to the Hill, a swarm of "thousands of bees" gathered outside the White House in May. The small army of insects hovered as Obama tried to leave 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to shoot hoop at Fort McNair. And by the time the president returned at noon, the bees were mysteriously nowhere in sight.

Just days later, some sort of rodent scurried in front of the president as he was delivering a speech on the steps of the White House.

Video provided by kewl116 ~ May 21, 2010

To this day, no one has said with absolute certainty what kind of rodent it was that upstaged Obama, but "Today Show" host Al Roker noted, "All we know is, these little Secret Service mice wrestled it to the ground."

And once again, with all the critters showing the president such undying love, Glenn Beck proffered: "At some point, the president's gonna come out and go, 'OK, look, I am lord of the underworld.'"

Video provided by pmesser1 ~ June 25, 2010


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