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All the blame falls on 'peace flotilla' ~ By Barry Farber

Barry Farber is absolutely correct about where to place the blame for the incident in the Mediterranean. However, not only should Israel not take the any of the blame, but it should also be mentioned that the entire "peace flotilla" was all a set-up to begin with. The "peace flotilla" was far from being anything peaceful. It was being run by a Islamic terrorist organization, the IHH, tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. Even though other countries that are blaming Israel have seen the videos, and should know that Israel was not to blame for the violence, they continue on with their excuse to blame Israel for it.

To think that the United States is supposedly staying "neutral," and not siding with Israel, is a blow to our greatest allie. As you will see in the video below, there are complicated reasons for the U.S. position. Does it have anything to do with Turkey by any chance? Were you aware that Turkey and Iran have signed a peace treaty? You'll find out the answers in the video below. Just sayin'...

June 2, 2010 - Israel's Blockade and the Provocation

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k

All of us can admire brave activists defying armed force to get food and medicine into a country under foreign occupation. But are you aware the Israelis left Gaza in 2005? So, how "brave" are those who refuse Israel's invitation to deliver the aid peacefully and, instead, stage a wholly unnecessary defiance to send aid to a country that's not occupied, just pre-occupied with trying to destroy its helpful-if-hated neighbor. Israel, you see, delivers 15,000 tons of aid to Gaza every week.

By Barry Farber

Posted: June 02, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Are you among those who wish our wars weren't as morally muddled as they've been lately? Do you long for the moral clarity of World War II – clear-cut good guys and bad guys? If so, congratulations. You've got it here and now in the waters off Gaza.

On one side you have darkness, dictatorship, torture, religious oppression, summary execution for brothers suspected of disloyalty, beheadings for courageous journalists who chase truth, honor killings for young daughters curious about the taste of lipstick, utter subjugation of women, a swath of territory the size of the moon with the word "Failure" writ large all over it, scripture that demands extermination of those who don't believe – there's more, but that's enough.

On the other side you've got a little country sinking under the weight of its Nobel Prizes, dazzling medical discoveries, life-lifting inventions, miraculous greenery that was desert a mere historical eye-blink ago, a country with a judicial system that punishes its own soldiers who wantonly harm enemy civilians, a country open to every race and religion, the only democracy between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific Ocean – there's more, but that's enough.

Israel has politely served notice on the world that, "We shall not be so inexpensively exterminated again."

The speed of light is impressive, but it's no match for the power of ignorance. Facts don't cease to be facts just because bad people hate them. Here's what major media worldwide want you to believe: "Israel has committed a murderous assault on a peaceful flotilla seeking nothing but the bringing of humanitarian aid to the embattled citizens of Gaza." And that, friends, is a commodity found in abundance wherever bulls congregate.

Paul Harvey, please come back! Never have we needed "the rest of the story" more urgently. In a way, Gaza is occupied – by Hamas! Hamas refused to recognize Israel and has lobbed 10,000 explosive reminders of that into Israeli villages.

Now then, what about this "humanitarian aid"? Are you aware that Israel warned loud and long against any attempt to break its well-justified blockade? That doesn't impress you! Very well, are you aware that Israel invited the flotilla to sail nonviolently into the southern Israeli port of Ashdod where the cargo would be inspected to weed out any weaponry that might have "accidentally" gotten mixed up with the humanitarian aid, whereupon the aid would have been shipped unmolested into Gaza?

That may trouble the blockade-busters a bit because that strips the true motivation of the flotilla down to very thin underwear. And, of course, that genuinely humanitarian gesture by Israel was rejected by the "peace activists," thereby offering courtroom-proof that the true motive of the expedition was precisely to provoke the confrontation with Israel that they achieved. Are you aware the "peace activists" had children aboard, knowing they were going to violate international maritime law against an Israel generous with its warnings? Sound familiar?

Nobody had to die. Nobody had to suffer a bent fingernail. But allowing the truly humanitarian portion of the cargo to enter through Israel would not have given the "peace activists" the heroic mantle of "defiance" for which they staged the whole diseased enterprise. The Israeli commandos were armed with paintball guns; you know, the kind the militia trainees play with in the woods of the Dakotas.


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