Friday, June 18, 2010

It's the sabotage, stupid! ~ By Erik Rush

It's probably just me, but it's almost as if the Obama administration allowed the oil rig disaster and resulting spill to get as bad as it is so that there would be a much bigger crisis that they wouldn't let go to waste. And then Obama used his Oval Office speech to push cap and trade. This column by Erik Rush seems to support that theory. So does the fact that other countries that have the ability to assist the United States and offered their assistance were turned down. The administration's claim was that it would have violated the Jones Act, which doesn't hold water, or oil for that matter, because the act could have been waived. Just sayin'...
I don't think the Deepwater Horizon oil rig itself was sabotaged to cause this disaster – but it has no doubt been perceived as most convenient by the administration. The hitch is that, unless Obama plans to seize power through a coup, Americans are already so disgusted with him that they're likely to be ready to run him out of Washington on a rail by November 2010, let alone 2012.

So, while visions of cars from "The Jetsons" dance in some Americans' heads, let us remain focused on communicating to our neighbors what this administration is really about and doing our part to derail the obscenity that is cap-and-trade.

By Erik Rush

Posted: June 17, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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This is really getting a little tedious.

Along with millions of Americans, on Tuesday night, I watched President Obama's Oval Office address to the nation on the subject of the Gulf oil spill and the "multitude of challenges" our nation currently faces. I happened to be in the "green room" of a network-news studio with a bunch of pro analysts; the opportunity to gauge their reactions proved quite valuable.

Of course, I already have a good idea of what average Americans are thinking (as opposed to pro analysts); I hear from them all the time. And it wasn't long at all before the American people – in interviews, the blogosphere and messages to their favorite pundits – began delivering their own analysis. This, not surprisingly, was very similar to what I had heard from the pros – prior to their having even hit the airwaves.

The American people – like me and those celebrated analysts – believe that Obama is simply using the Gulf oil-spill crisis to further his agenda, that being the comprehensive government takeover of as many areas of the private sector as possible and implementing big-government collectivism. Some call this communism.

Although the president appears to be ignoring what the capriciousness of his actions suggests, it was not difficult for even the least attentive viewer of his speech to discern that his plan to create additional bureaucracy to oversee the oil industry, penalize British Petroleum for its part in the crisis and tout alternative energy solutions is merely a tissue-thin ruse for exploiting the situation toward further advancement of his malevolent program.
We can't afford not to change how we produce and use energy. …

– President Obama, June 15
I was almost shocked that Obama stooped to employing this overused multilevel marketer's platitude as part of his rationale. Well, we did ask for transparency, and Tuesday night's oratory was about as transparent as this president is going to get. His hawking the necessity for America to begin the wholesale use of inefficient, expensive alternative energy sources was clearly Obama-speak for passing cap-and-trade, which promises to do for America what it did for Europe – transfer massive amounts of taxpayer wealth to governments and their chosen energy-industry bed buddies for a hundred years to come.
The transition to clean energy has the potential to grow our economy and create millions of good, middle-class jobs. …

– President Obama, June 15
The president is well aware that this statement is rubbish. The so-called transition to clean energy has the potential to create millions of government jobs for former ACORN employees and volunteers, and other individuals of their questionable character, and little more than this in the short term.


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