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Sustainability 101 ~ By Joseph Farah

I am wondering how many of the people that read this column will understand what Joseph is saying. He says that he doesn't "believe the average dolt who considers himself a part of the progressive left actually wants tyranny." However, what about those that are in power, like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi? Do they really feel that ObamaCare and our national debt can possibly be sustainable? Are they just stupid as a rock, or do they have an purposeful agenda that will bring tyranny to America? Just sayin'...
I don't think they're stupid and ignorant.

I think they genuinely believe in government force. I think they genuinely believe America's founders had it wrong. I think they genuinely believe the U.S. Constitution is obsolete.

I believe they actually think that freedom is "unsustainable."

Actually, they're right about that – but only if we fail to remove them and their ilk from positions of power in American government and throughout all our major cultural institutions.
By Joseph Farah

Posted: June 11, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Have you ever noticed how much progressives like to invoke the term "sustainability" to support their agenda of draconian government intervention into our lives and liberties?

We must stop producing the perfectly harmless and vital gas known as carbon dioxide because it is changing the planet's climate in ways that are "unsustainable." That's what they say.

We must stop development of almost all kinds (except for their homes and businesses, of course), because we're ravaging the ecosystems in a way that is "unsustainable." That's what they say.

We must stop drilling for oil and mining for coal and building nuclear-power plants because it just leads to more consumption, which is "unsustainable." That's what they say.

We've got to bring all the wilderness under the control of the government because it will be exploited in private hands in a way that is "unsustainable." That's what they say.

I could go on and on with examples of the way the progressive left uses – or, should I say, "misuses" – the term.

I personally think "sustainability" is an important word – one we should actually consider in making public policy.

For instance, in two years, the U.S. national debt will rival the nation's gross domestic product.

That is an example of unsustainable economic policy. There is no way, short of a major "correction," like a Depression, that the U.S. can pay off its debt under those circumstances. Yet, nobody on the progressive left looks at the economic policy driving the rise of the national debt and the falling gross domestic product and concludes publicly: "Hey, this is an unsustainable policy!"

Why is that?

Why doesn't the progressive left look at what is happening with Europe's economic crisis, driven by a limitless-welfare-state mentality in which public benefits keep rising and productivity keeps falling, and recognize those policies are the same misguided initiatives it is pushing here in the United States? Why don't any of them say, "Hey, this is an unsustainable policy!"?

Why doesn't the progressive left look at the horrors it has inflicted on two generations of American families with no-fault divorce laws and incentives for unmarried teenage girls to become mothers and the teaching of moral relativism in the schools and recognize, "Hey, this is an unsustainable policy!"?

I could go on and on with an endless list of unsustainable policies and initiatives promoted by the progressive left without a thought as to their destructive outcomes.

Remember this the next time you hear that word from someone on the progressive left – "sustainability."

They simply don't even comprehend the meaning of the word. Indeed, the progressive left is the political master of unsustainable policies. Everything it promotes is unsustainable – except with the tyrannical force of government and the loss of all liberties.

Now, I don't believe the average dolt who considers himself a part of the progressive left actually wants tyranny. I suspect most of them are simply misinformed and misguided about the consequences of the ideas they push.


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