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The American freedom gene ~ By Barry Farber

In this column, Barry Farber wrote the statement, "So, heretical though it sounds, I think some complacency is OK." Oh, really? I couldn't disagree more! Has Farber lost his mind? Did he forget about who was President, and the Marxists advisers Obama has working in the White House? Has Barry noticed that Nancy Pelosi is still the Speaker and Harry Reid is still the Majority leader in the Senate, at least until this November? Has he forgotten how ObamaCare was jammed down our throats, despite the uproar from We the People at Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings??

No, this is absolutely no time for complacency. If it was, maybe I'd be spending a little more time with my family, taking my dog for longer walks, or maybe even watching more baseball games (even if it is the lovable losers, the Chicago Cubs, playing). But instead, I keep on writing blog posts and uploading videos to youtube. If you haven't noticed, my dear readers, losing our freedom is causing me major anxiety. Perhaps Barry may be somewhat correct by thinking that it PROBABLY won't happen overnight. But, then again... Things could change. Whether in November of this year, or in 2012, what if the President and his leftist Democrat minions begin seeing the end of their power because of the folks in the Tea Party Movement? How do we know that there won't be another terrorist attack on America, or the global economy completely crumbles, and the President decides that you can't let a crisis go to waste, so he declares martial law because of an "emergency"?

True, there are many people out there that won't allow certain freedoms to go down the tubes. They won't tolerate the First and Second Amendments to be taken away. Not without a fight. I've heard plenty of people state that there's no way anyone is going to come and confiscate their guns. But I have a feeling that they would be in for the fight of their lives, and many would die trying to defend those freedoms. Rifles and shotguns and handguns are hardly a match for drones armed with missiles, tanks, or Apache helicopters.

However, keep in mind that the government, both Federal and States, are gradually eroding freedoms now, and it is sad to see the complacency among We the People that Farber is suggesting. And I'll give you an example: Many local and state governments are now banning cigarette smoking in any and all establishments, including restaurants and taverns. The same jerks that wrote that kind of freedom-limiting legislation will most likely stay in office, and even if they don't, it seems that the politicians running against them won't overturn those kinds of laws and regulations out of the fear of appearing to not be caring about health issues. No, wait, I'm not done yet: Obesity will be the next great health issue for the government to solve, and pretty soon the government will be telling us what, when, and where we can eat. You betcha!

Patriots and freedomfighters, be sure to read Barry's column, but now isn't the time to be complacent. Just sayin'...
Are you so liberal or so chic you can't admit America is special? And America is the heart-lung machine of freedom everywhere? And if it weren't for America, there would be no freedom of speech anywhere? Don't just sputter. Explain who else would have stopped the successful expansion of the Soviet Union, where the local "Pelosis" had no rocky roads when it came to eliminating freedom of speech and everything else.

I'm not saying, don't look both ways before crossing the railroad tracks. Go ahead and look. But if it's America and you're expecting a train full of blackshirts and jackboots, it's going to be a hell of a long time coming.

Who's the American who makes me so confident? He's the one who, when he got a government form to fill out with a blank space that said, "Do not write in this space," he put a pen to that very space and wrote, "I'll write where I damned well please!"

By Barry Farber

Posted: June 23, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

There's a lot of dark talk around about the government shutting down the Internet, banning criticism of the administration, ending the "toxic" chatter from conservative talk hosts and even more dire assaults on free speech.

Nobody ever says a kind word about incest, bestiality, sadism and sexual trafficking, and that's fitting and proper. There's another "sin" that has no advocates that I'd like to separate from the no-no bunch and bathe in at least a slightly improved light. This may be the first kind word you've ever read about "complacency"!

Complacency has its place. It's not always a dangerous condition. It's obviously foolish to say, "It (meaning dictatorship and repression) can't happen here in America." If democracy can happen in Albania, then anything can happen anywhere. If we back up just a little, however, we'll be OK. Strike out "It can't happen here!" and substitute, "Elimination of freedoms like speaking and voting are highly unlikely in this 244-year-old democracy, so put it at or near the bottom of your patriot's worry-list."

WorldNetDaily reports that Nancy Pelosi is having a "rocky road" trying to marshal support for the "Disclose Act" and has withdrawn it for the time being. That act would not murder the First Amendment; just jab it in the thigh with a poison-tipped umbrella. The Supreme Court has OK'd "Citizens United," meaning it's perfectly all right to throw special-interest money into "issue" advertising. Mrs. Pelosi prefers all such donors to be identified. And, of course, she's having a hard time. All "Pelosis" will always have a hard time pushing any measure limiting or even threatening free speech in America.

Despite this many decades of left-lunging policies in education, welfare, spreading the wealth and a political correctness horrified at the concept of anything that might offend anybody, they still haven't done the job. They haven't gotten rid of the American freedom gene. We're not done yet. They can't even get the fork in deep enough to tell.

So, heretical though it sounds, I think some complacency is OK. I don't think there's any danger, for instance, that Bill Gates will ever miss a meal because he can't pay for it. Or that Ellen DeGeneres will ever try to muscle my wife out of the way, grab me by the elbow and take me away to the Caribbean. Much American turf is eligible for complacency.

The U.S. military is a totalitarian organization charged with the defense of freedom. The eagerness to "obey orders" does not come merely in the German accent. In the Army, I heard that "Yes, Sir" in every accent, brogue, burr and twang. You get ahead in the Army through obedience and subservience. Yet one day in the Army they experimented with our unit by issuing a false order to see how we'd react. They straight-facedly announced that from now on the "Universal Military Chapel" would convene for worship at ten hundred hours (10 a.m.) Sunday morning. Permission to be non-present at the UMC would be upon written permission of your commanding officer only. And this order applied to all Catholic, Protestant and Jewish personnel.

The post was Arlington Hall Station, just south of the Pentagon in late 1953. And how did we disciplined "yes-men" react? There was a mutiny. Open rebellion. GIs who walked around with comic books jutting out of their back pockets turned out to have an amazing amount of the Constitution in their hearts.


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  1. Note to my readers: Please understand that I am not bashing Barry Farber. I disagreed with him, but it does not mean that I don't love his column(s). I just wanted to make sure that you all understand that complacency is probably not the answer right now. I DO believe that our freedom stands in the balance right now.

  2. Oh, by the way, just over 2 months ago, decided to thwart my 1st Amendment rights. There is no more TheREALjohnny2k channel that I mentioned above. It is beginning already! Not the time for complacency.