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Obama's Iranian hostage crisis ~ By Jack Cashill

Those geniuses in the Obama Chicago-style thugocracy can't figure out how to plug a hole. Jack explains how those lefties in power that think we can't run our own lives or businesses without their intrusion always seem to run into problems they have no idea how to solve. Jimmy Carter had his 444 days of the Iranian hostage crisis. Yet when Ronald Reagan took the oath of office, the next thing you knew, the hostages were released. Go figure.

Now we have the environmental disaster from the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, and Obama and his geniuses have no clue what to do, except maybe take BP to court. Sorry, but that doesn't save the wildlife and stop the leak and it definitely isn't doing anything for the fishing and tourist industries along the Gulf coast. But it is even worse than what Jack is talking about with the oil spill. I don't see much sign of the economy recovering, either. They are still digging us further and further into the national debt hole. And ObamaCare isn't going to solve the rising cost of health care anytime soon, if EVER! And in the meantime, illegal immigrants are still spilling across the Southern border with Mexico... except maybe not so much in Arizona anymore thanks to their brave action.

Rahm Emanuel's stupid mantra about never letting a crisis go to waste is backfiring. They aren't looking so smart these days. In fact, every time there's a crisis, they seem to know how to make it worse. Maybe it is time for the Republicans to not let a crisis go to waste, and whip the Democrats this November and in 2012, and take back Congress and the White House. Just sayin'...

Like their president, Obama's best and brightest believe that "human beings don't always do what's in their rational best interest ... but with the proper government rules and incentives, society could be dramatically improved."

Now if just a one of these geniuses could plug a damn hole, we might begin to take their claims of improving stuff a little more seriously.

By Jack Cashill

Posted: June 03, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Almost from the day the oil started gushing in the Gulf of Mexico, conservative pundits were describing the problem as "Obama's Katrina."

In a vacuum, this would not have seemed strictly fair, given that there was nothing about the gusher itself or Obama's initial response to it that would have merited his ownership.

Five years earlier, however, Democratic loyalists and their media allies had for the first time in history bestowed ownership of a hurricane on a president, and they did this even before Katrina made landfall.

After the hurricane hit, this same unholy cabal largely exempted the Democratic mayor and governor from responsibility and attributed all their failures, as well as the routine shortcomings of any federal operation, to President Bush personally.

By the time the media finished slicing and dicing Bush, they had people in New Orleans thinking that Karl Rove had blown up the dikes and Bush himself, in the memorable words of singer Kanye West, had given the military "permission to go down and shoot us."

So Republican turn-around in assigning blame is certainly fair play. Besides, if Obama did not deserve blame for the leak itself, he has come to own the administration's futile response.

Critics continue, however, to use the wrong metaphor to describe his pickle. This is no longer "Obama's Katrina." This is "Obama's Iranian hostage crisis." The Katrina folly ended after a few days. Today, on day 40-something and counting, this is the folly that keeps on embarrassing.

Jimmy Carter can sympathize. For the 444 unhappy days after his new Islamic friends seized our embassy and took the workers hostage, the media microscope zoomed in on his presidential warts.

Although Carter was never much fun to begin with, he could allow himself none while his misunderstood buddies humiliated him and us before the world. The crisis eventually cost him the presidency.

Now, this crisis is magnifying the weaknesses of Obama's presidency, one of which is his fatal reliance on what is sometimes called "Maslow's hammer." Said psychologist Abraham Maslow some years back, "It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail."

Given that Obama, like so many prominent Democrats – Michelle, both Clintons, Kerry, the late Ted Kennedy, John Edwards – is a lawyer surrounded by other lawyers, the tool he has at hand is the lawsuit.

Accordingly, from day 1, Obama has spent his energy not on fixing the problem, but on fixing the blame. He seems to have no greater goal than finding someone to sue or maybe, if AG Eric Holder gets lucky, even imprison.

But unlike health-care reform or financial regulation, Obama cannot just hold a few hearings, harass a few people and pretend he has solved the problem. This problem is just too real.

Obama's futility has proved particularly corrosive because he promised so much. Newsweek's Jonathan Alter, in fact, has titled his new Obama book, "The Promise."

Although critics on the right, me included, have busied ourselves looking to see who is pulling Obama's strings, I am now convinced that if there is a puppet master, it is Obama himself.

This seems counterintuitive. We naturally look for something larger, something more worthy of our concern. But there is something large afoot here, and that is Obama's super-sized ego.


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