Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trying terrorists, or Bush-Cheney? ~ By Joseph Farah

From WorldNetDaily
"The Obama administration is more dangerous to America in many ways than any terrorist organization. What this cabal is doing to the country in stripping it of its most cherished values, its basic morality, its foundation on the rule of law, its liberties and its economy is more devastating than anything Mohammed and his zealots could have ever imagined."
By Joseph Farah Posted: November 19, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has already had a trial and been convicted of orchestrating the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. that killed nearly 3,000. He should have been put to death by now. Instead, the Barack Obama administration is going to give him another trial – a civilian trial in New York City, of all places – where his defense team will be able to use all the gimmickry and technicalities available to American citizens trying to beat the rap. "Was our client read his Miranda rights?" they will ask. "How many times was he waterboarded?" "Was any of the evidence you are using against our clients obtained illegally?" They will attempt to turn the trial into a circus in which George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are actually accused of crimes – probably much to the satisfaction of the Obama administration, which views their actions in bringing this mass murderer to justice as illegal. Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, already announced he would investigate whether CIA officers should be prosecuted for their interrogations of Mohammed and others. Maybe instead of prosecuting this monster, he might be called to testify on behalf of the defense. If I were in Mohammed's shoes, I certainly would. Once again, it goes to prove the point that the Obama administration doesn't view even the kind of monstrous terrorism that struck on 9/11 as anything but a criminal justice matter. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]
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