Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dangerous times ~ By Erik Rush

Commentary from WorldNetDaily
By Erik Rush Posted: November 19, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 Obviously, there is blind party allegiance aplenty on both sides of the political divide in our nation. However, it is apparent that the upsurge in popular concern for the sharp turn our government has taken toward the left (courtesy of the current administration) is occurring among the majority of non-dogmatists in between. Efforts to characterize all those who are troubled as members of the radical right, while disingenuous, are not entirely surprising. The success the Obama administration (as well as the left in general) has had, in concert with an ideologically kindred establishment press, in promulgating the most outrageous and dangerous fabrications and falsehoods cannot be underestimated. This is demonstrated by the fact that a great many intelligent and conscientious Americans remain quite oblivious, even regarding the administration's more overt machinations. The reason for this upsurge in popular concern is that a considerable number of Americans realize the magnitude of the change that is taking place (no Obama marketing pun intended) and its potential for detrimental, life-changing outcomes. As such, the rebellion against it has been the sort of phenomenon unseen since the Civil Rights Movement. More importantly, these citizens are quickly identifying and openly discussing the administration's maneuvers, which flies in the face of the left's appraisal of the American people as vapid and dull. More than one might surmise are seeing clearly through to the ugly endgame. One of these maneuvers was the recent announcement that the Preventive Services Task Force of the Department of Health and Human Services is recommending against regular mammography tests for women aged 40 to 49, and rather advocating mammograms for women aged 50 to 74, and then only once every other year. Apparently, some of the scientists involved in the "research" that led to these findings were among those who testified for the tobacco industry some years ago. You remember – the ones who all but declared that nicotine is a vitamin. There are likely to be many readers who are well aware that such a protocol will spell a death sentence for an inestimable number of American women. Early diagnosis has been the medical community's mantra for decades toward saving women from the ravages of that disease. Now, because the Obama administration wills it, conventional medical wisdom and procedure may change. Behind the ardent push on the part of the White House and Congress to pass health-care legislation, which many have argued will necessitate health-care rationing, Americans perceived this as a precursor of the rationing to come and the Preventive Services Task Force as a nascent "death panel." [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]
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