Friday, November 13, 2009

GOP still doesn't get it ~ By Mychal Massie

From WorldNetDaily
"And that is what the Republican Party is missing. I believe that, for the moment, voters are willing to give Republicans a second look – but they are not prepared to be treated indifferently, to have onerous legislation forced upon them, or to continue with indiscriminate spending. They are demanding accountability."
Mychal Massie By Mychal Massie Posted: November 10, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 A word of caution to the GOP and Republicans as a whole. If I were they, I wouldn't be thumping my chest declaring, "we're back," as is the case with some Republican politicians and commentators. Because in this essayist's opinion, what took place in the elections of last week wasn't as much about a return to conservatism as it was about people fed up at the way they were being treated. The voters wanted alternatives, as opposed to more of the same. They were, and are, tired of being taken for granted and being told by those without a clue what is best for them. Individually, the voters may not have the money of a George Soros or a Wall Street financier, but what they do have is strength in numbers and a strong sense of righteous indignation. And that is the absolute best formula for term limits, i.e., "if the elected want to stay elected, they had better start paying attention to us more than every couple years." The majority of Americans are content to go about their daily routines focused on the rigors of the day and concerns for their future. They are content for the most part to let politicians get away with lies and subterfuge, viewing same as the character flaws of those in office. But what they are not prepared to do is simply sit back and continue to be treated as Kleenex tissues for politicians to blow their noses in/on, and then be discarded. Americans, as a whole, have a tipping point, and the Obama agenda, coupled with the narcissistic hubris of him and his congressional minions, can be credited with pushing the people to that point. The party of Nathan Bedford Forest, led by Obama (a paradox if ever there was one), believes it can run roughshod over the people, and that the people will simply cower to anti-constitutional dictates. Obama, et al., believed they could bully and intimidate the people into submission – and in their pompous elitism, they believed wrong. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]
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